hiii, so school is starting next month :'(
here are a few tips to over come your problems...

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1~ Sleeping problems

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If you have problems with your sleeping schedule, than this is for you: one or two weeks before school starts, leave everything you're doing and start sleeping at least 9 o'clock and set your alarm to a certain time (Don't set it too late or else you can't keep good schedule). this might be hard to follow especially if you're used to sleep in the morning and wake up in the afternoon but it will work eventually like it did for me.

2~ Waking up

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If you're used to turning off your alarm in the morning, put it far from your reach but not too far that you can't hear it.

3~ uniforms / Clothes

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If you have problems finding your uniform in the morning, next time you come home, put all your uniform pieces in one hanger including your socks. if you take time to choose what to wear, get your clothes ready the night before.

4~ Food

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Same to clothes, if you're always ruining late, get your food ready and put it in the fridge if your school don't offer food or you don't their food. this way you'll buy some time :)

5~ making friends

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making new friends is not easy for everyone, here's few tips I used to make friends in high school hopefully it will work for you: 1. when you inter a new class look for a student that's sitting next to an empty chair, ask if someone's sitting next to them, if they said no, than sit next to them and throughout the course try to make friends with them 2. during lunch try to find a group of friends that you think you will fit in and sit with them, if it doesn't work out, don't push it too hard 3. always join after school clubs if your school offers after all, there are nice people everywhere just remember to socialize and open to meet new people.

6~ couses

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here are two apps that really helped me last year with my Math and English - PhotoMath and eNotes (for essays) (not sure if they work on other brands than iPhone)