Ok so i really want to meet some new people … duh. I'd love to get to know you so hit me up on here or on Instaram.

Instagram : @ _pauli_1620

Ok so let's go!

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First some facts about me :

- Hi my name is Pauline
- I am 16 years old
- I'm a cancer
- I am from Germany
- I speak german ( duh ) and english
- I am currently starting to learn spanish
- i am an artist
- my dream is to study illustration and game design
- I am obsessed with YouTube

K now some other stuff :


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especially kpop. I also listen to alt. music ( palaye royale, BVB, 5SOS, Fall out boy, Muse, Placebp,...), or indie music ( The1975, Cage the Elephant, Conan Gray, Suggi, Joji, keshi…)

The kpop ( krap, kindie ) groups ( soloists ) i love are :

- Stray Kids ( my ult group )
- MonstaX
- Day6
- Jay Park
- Got7
- The Rose
- Seventeen
- Sik-K

probs more but i'm tired and probably forgot some things.

- I can open up to people pretty easily
- I'll probably still be awkward
- I love finding new music, films, series ect so recommend your fav stuff
- I LOVE animals!!!!!!!!! ( all of them )
- I'm vegan / vegetarian ( the less animal on the plait the happier i am )
- I am really openminded
- I am not judgemental cause i think it's just mean
- I'm a big softie and scaredy cat
- I am a good listener and will give u free therapy and advice cause i can't handle my friends being sad
- my favorite youtubers are helloxryan, Daniel Howell, Brandon Rogers, Cody Ko, Smosh, Edvasian, Edward Avila, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, jerm bot, Jordan Cunningham, Joana Ceddia, Kurtis Conner, Mikey Murphy, Noel Miller, Tom Harlock, wthwille…..
- i told u i am obsessed

- and now for the most important thing
MY HUSBAND ( i wish bruh )

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This my friend, is Christopher Bahng. The cutest and absolute best person ever so get ready for v soft rants about how much i love him.

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How to be my friend

- DO NOT be racist, homophobic, sexist, judgemental, ect. ( i feel like you get what kinda shit i mean )
- be accepting
- don't be a debbie downer
- be 14 - 18 ( i have friends in both age groups so i don't care )
- be kind
- have a sense of Humor ( tbh just be a dumbass crackhead and we'll get along )
- have Instagram because i do not use a lot of other social media

If u want to be friends, don't hesitate to send me a message or postcard here / dm on insta OwO

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look at this good boy…… ur welcome