i was really bored and i found this 30 day writing challenge with actual interesting prompts so i've decided to do it, i'm going to try my best to actually do this daily but no promises haha

day 1 : list 10 things that make you very happy

I | my mom

grunge, mom, and phone image beautiful, mommy, and mom image
although we argue sometimes and dont always agree, i love my mom more than anything and i dont know what id do without her

II | tom holland

tom holland image tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image
i love him so incredibly much, he's so talented, and kind and just a wonderful person in general

III | museums

art, france, and museum image aesthetic, art, and painting image
i just like the atmosphere of a museum, its so calming and i love seeing the beautiful artwork

IV | music

music image aesthetic, cassette, and cassette tapes image
i mean, its just fucking amzing

V | movie theaters

cocacola, coke, and jeans image aesthetic, cinema, and retro image
wether i go with my friends, or by myself, theres something about the movie theater that i just love

VI | dogs

dog, puppy, and animal image dog, doggies, and doggy image
angels, literal angels

VII | painting/drawing

Image removed art, aesthetic, and eyes image
although im not the best at either, its so relaxing to just sit and paint or draw

VIII | traveling

travel, sky, and plane image car, travel, and nature image
doesnt matter where it is, i love seeing new places. and traveling itself is fun as well, wether its a short road trip or a long plane ride

IX | self-care

face mask, site model, and girl icons image aesthetic, bath, and bathroom image
this always cheers me up a little when im not having a good day

X | the mcu

sebastian stan, anthony mackie, and winter soldier image film, Marvel, and movie image
ive become so emotionally invested in these characters and i love them all so much and they make me so happy