"look we've established that i'm a jerk, so let me say this: i am a flat tire and you are a pothole full of lug nuts. i am a pile of bricks and you are holding a sledgehammer, which is to say, i would not exist without you." -ballad of the bruised lung

element, something, and tornado image burn, chaos, and destruction image

"this is what it's like to use bricks when you should have used sand." -you can look

chaos, Houses, and lisbon image aesthetic, window, and glitter image

"she told me that she shouldn't have let me get so attached to her, that this whole thing was a mistake, but how can it be a mistake that i don't have to wash my hands after i touch her? love is not a mistake." -ocd

green, me, and nature image bohemian, boho, and dark image

"napalm is just gasoline and plastic. i am just carbon and bad timing. i think if i were to be somebody else, i think i'd still be mentally ill: it's impossible to imagine a color you haven't see." -clatter

broken, glass, and hospital image broken, glass, and hand image

"i have thought, and thought, and what has it gotten me but more thoughts? a currency that only buys more currency." -here and away

background, cacti, and cactus image buildings, city, and louisiana image

all these quotes are from a poet called Neil Hilborn, so all credits go out to him. I love his work and just wanted to share some of it with.

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