Follow my August Spotify Playlist to listen:

Cellar Door- Hippo Campus
october- September Savior
seasonal depression- mxmtoon
Post Mates - Jarami, Cautious Clay
Vampire- Mauno

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You Need To Calm Down- Taylor Swift
Swear to God- Famba
Summer At 7- Russ
Devil Town- Cavetown
Like An American- Vistas

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Softly- Clairo
Partly Sorry- Tipling Rock
Sofia- Clario
Jesus Murphy- Peter Mol
Giving Up- Whitney

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Stay High- Brittany Howard
Joy- Hippo Campus
Jukebox Cutie- Bridal Party
Take Some Time- Surfaces
Fading Away- Summer Salt

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Corduroy Dreams- Rex Orange County
Jet Black- Anderson .Paak, Brandy
Honeyweed- Summer Salt
It Wasn't East To Be Happy For You- The Lumineers
Damage Done- Sea Girls

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Heavy- Dizzy
Visions- Loving
Pin- Hippo Campus
Valleys (My Love)- Whitney
Coming Up- Summer Salt

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Best Friend- Rex Orange County
Home- Cavetown
Elephant Boys- Hippo Campus
Dance Through It- Twin Peaks
Leader Of The Landslide- The Lumineers

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