1. Which Social Media Platform Are You Based On The Meals You Eat?

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You got: Facebook You had your run of the town back in the day, but have slowly faded away from those glory days. Don't worry, though, we still remember your killer parties and appearance on prom court.

2. Can We Guess Which Holiday You Are?

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You got: New Years You're New Years! You're the life of the party, you're very social, and you like to hang out with your friends.

3. Are You A Morning Or Night Person?

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You got: Morning person You're a morning person! You have the most energy in the mornings. Grab a cup of coffee and get your day started!

4. We 100% Know Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Anthropologie Preferences

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You got: Earth Sign Wowow, you're an Earth Sign! This means you're either a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. Keep killin' it.

5. Curious What Color Your Aura Is? This Quiz Will Reveal All And Then Some

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You got: Yellow Your aura is yellow! You have an abundance of energy and always put it to good use. Sitting still is not for you; you like to have multiple plans in place at all times. You are the one others turn to for help with organization.

6. Which Ancient Greek City Matches Your Personality?

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Olympia You're an old soul who is reliable, dignified, and graceful. You have respect for the mysteries of the world and the power of time. People gravitate towards you, and you're fairly good at getting along with everyone.

7. We Know What Kind Of Dinosaur You Are

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8. Your Taste In Shoes Will Determine Your Secret Superpower

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You got: Superhuman strength You have superhuman strength! No more needing help putting your suitcase in the car or hiring moving companies. You can handle it all on your own!

9. Which Magical Creature Are You Most Like?

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You got: Elf You're a person who derives their magic from a deep connection with the earth. You're a quiet, deeply powerful creature who values every bit of nature. You see beauty in simplicity and do your best to use your magic for good — though you can, at times, stray to the dark when provoked or wronged. Some see you as aloof, but you prefer the company of animals and creatures of the wild.

10. What Type Of Witch Are You?

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You got: Nordic Garden Witch You are an Earth witch who practices witchcraft in the centre of nature, primarily using natural items. You communicate with Mother Nature, enhance natural energies, and work closely with insects. You use plants and herbs to care for your loved ones and possess healing abilities. Your Book contains recipes and flower classifications, and you are known to be to be the most nurturing of the witches.

11. The Clothes You Pick Out Will Reveal Which Celeb You Stan

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Shawn Mendes

12. Make Some Decisions As A Celeb And I'll Tell You Which One Will Be Your BFF

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You got: Adele Get ready for a life of non-stop laughter and cursing, because Adele is the best friend we all want to have.

13. Which Disney Creature Are You Most Like?

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Sebastian You don't like to mess around and can take things a bit too seriously. What you lack in fun you make up in responsibility!

14. It's Time To Find Out What "Avengers: Endgame" Character You Are

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You got: Thor! You're constantly growing and changing as a person. While some people only see stoic, you and your close friends know that you're very multi-dimensional and an absolute pleasure to be around.

15. Which Spider-Man Are You?

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You got: Tobey Maguire You're shy and kind, but you often obsess over things. You've been called a nerd more than you care to admit, but you've got a huge heart. The thing is, you kind of have a hard time with social interactions, though you always mean well. Still, you get up every morning and fulfill your duty to keep those around you safe and sound.

16. Which Character From "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Should Be Your Best Friend?

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You got: Mysterio You should be best friends with Mysterio! Both of you are, well, mysterious and bright and we guarantee you'd have a great time together probably going on some pretty cool adventures.

17. Spend A Paycheck At Urban Outfitters To See Which "Stranger Things" Character You Are

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Max Mayfield

19. Which Disney Princess Should You Play In A Movie?

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You got: Moana

20. These "Would You Rather" Questions Will Determine The Kind Of Tattoo You Should Get

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You got: Finger Tattoo You like the idea of being able to express yourself without even saying a word, which is why you should get tattoo on your finger. Show who you are with just a wave of your hand!

21. Are You An Avenger, Princess, Or Jedi?

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https://weheartit.co m/entry/333613982?context_page=17&context_query=marvel&context_type=search Avenger You're mighty, powerful, and you're wise beyond your years. Many people come to you for advice and direction.

22. Design Your Perfect Home And We'll Reveal Your Eye Color With 100% Accuracy

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Brown Eyes Your eyes are as brown as a bear, brown as a log, brown as a brownie!

(My eyes are blue...)

23. Eat A Food In Every Color And We'll Give You A Dog To Adopt

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You got: Pomeranian

24. Build A Taco And We'll Tell You Which Soda You Are

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Pepsi You're very sweet and likable!

25. Design Your Dream House And We'll Give You A Wedding Destination

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A classic movie theater Movies and theatre are definitely your cup of tea so why not make them centerstage on your big day? Your classic tastes mixed with the old-timey charm of the theater are a match you can't beat.

26. Which God Or Goddess From Ancient Greek Mythology Are You?

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You got: Athena You are Athena, goddess of wisdom. You're always in the unfortunate of dealing with other people's bullshit, but you give great advice and make sound decisions that always leaves everyone else pretty jelly at how put-together your shit is.

27. Cook Some Pasta And We'll Reveal Your Dream Italian Vacation

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You got: Rome With its mixture of ancient and modern, there's nowhere quite like Rome. And when in Rome, do as the Romans do: fill your stomach with incredible flavors like supplì (fried rice balls), bucatini all'Amatriciana, fried artichokes, and spaghetti carbonara.

28. The Princess You Create Will Determine Which Disney Villain You're Most Like

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Ursula You have a twisted sense of humor, and you can be a bit manipulative at times. Although you do not show much emotion, you put a lot of thought and heart into what you care about.

29. Answer Six Questions And We'll Tell You Which Badass "Game Of Thrones" Lady You Are

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You got: Arya Stark A girl is very clever and strong-willed. A girl marches to the beat of her own drum and really could care less what anyone else thinks. A girl follows her heart.

30. Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

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You got: Ravenclaw You're clever and wise. Your friends often come to you to get advice because you always know what to say. Your creativity allows you to look at things in an out-of-the-box way. And your wit makes you a pleasure to be around.