Many of us want certain things in life and so we ask the universe or God or whoever for these things and we wonder why we don,t get these things or why life is just not working out.
The reason for this might be because you are not prepared for it.
Preparing for it means removing anything that could be blocking you from receiving these blessings

Say you want to attract new friends, you need to prepare for these new friends by getting rid of toxic friends and negative energy in you life because as long as you still have toxic so called "friends" then you are going to attract people with the same negative energy into your life.
When you're able to get rid of this bad energy then your life will be full of positive energy and you will be able to attract the right people.
So basically for anything you're currently wanting and not getting, you need to figure out whats stopping you and what you need to get rid of.

I Got this from this video and its the best advice i have heard in a while.

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