Okay, so I'm gonna review some Comebacks of 2019. I'm just gonna review girlgroups or female soloists comebacks, since I just stan ggs.
I'm gonna include some debuts as well, although they technichally don't belong in the category "comebacks of 2019".
I'm gonna rank the comebacks on the song itself, the music video, the choreography and the performances.
Let's begin. Enjoy :)

Twit - Hwa Sa

Image by Twice owns me twit, mamamoo, and hwasa image

The song : 5/10
I like the song, it's catchy, but nothing really special

The choreography : 3/10
Well the choreography is very simple and I learned it, but I don't enjoy dancing it as much as other choreographies.

The music video : 7.5/10
The MV is very good! I mean, Hwasa is wearing a crown and sitting on a throne where she belongs.

The performances : 8/10
Hwasa looks like she had so much fun! She really enjoyed herself, and I don't know why, but I loved the plastic outfits.

Dalla dalla - Itzy

k-pop, shin ryujin, and 있지 image stage, pink neon, and itzy image

The song : 5/10
At first I hated this song, but after a while it really grew on me. And I can't deny its catchy af.

The choreography : 9/10
I looove the choreography of Dalla dalla. it's easy to learn and still powerful.

The music video : 6/10
The MV was kind of messy but still had a consistent concept? I don't know how they did that but they did.

The performances : 7/10
It was Itzys debut and for that they did really good! Some outfits were a bit questionable but the most were okay.

Room shaker - Ailee

room shaker, kpop, and ailee image ailee, room shaker, and 에일리 image

The song : 10/10
As soon as I heard the teaser I knew this was gonna be a whole bop. And boy, I was right. I love everything about this song.

The choreography : 6/10
I like most parts of the choreography very much, but the part where she looks like she cleans the floor had me laughing.

The music video : 4/10
The MV had its moments, some good aesthetics, but over all was a bit boring.

The performances : ?/10
HA. Which stages? #JusticeForAilee

Kill this love - Blackpink

Image removed lisa, south korea, and thailand image

The song : 6/10
KTL is a very powerful song, but I feel like it was too short. The bridge was basically not there, and the dancebreak ended so sudden.

The music video : 9/10
The MV was one whole aesthetic, it matched the song and told a story.

The choreography : 8/10
I like the chorus part and dancebreak, but I found the rest a bit underwhelming.

The performances : 8/10
I'm literally in love with the styling this era. The Lara Croft style outfits were really really good. I enjoyed watching their stages.

Birthday - Somi

kpop and somi image debut, lq, and jeon somi image

The song : 6/10
At first I didn't like the song, and it's still on not one of my favs, but I do listen to it sometimes. (Also, am I the only one who was lowkey reminded of Soap by Melanie Martinez?)

The choreography : 4/10
I didn't like the choreo, it seemed kind of messy and the moves didn't match each other.

The music video : 7.5/10
The MV was overloaded, but I think it matched the song perfectly. It really represented Somi's style as well.

The performances : 6/10
Okay so first off, her outfits were terrible. They looked awful and most of them fell apart during the performance. But Somi herself did very good, considered this is her debut song.

Fancy - Twice

Image removed kpop, screenshot, and kpop mv image

The song : 10/10
I am in love with Fancy. The song is a whole bop from the beginning to the end.

The choreography : 5/10
This is actually one of my least favourite choreographies of Twice. It has its moments and it is fun to dance, but compared to their other choreos it's not that good.

The music video : 10/10
The MV was a masterpiece. Every single shot was aesthetic, and it had so many iconic moments, Chaeyoung in that isle, Momo's upside down swing, Nayeon on the diamond, Tzuyu holding planets as balloons, and so on.

The performances : 9/10
The stage outfits were really good, and the members looked as if they really enjoyed performing. Also, Jihyo slayed all of us this era in her performances.

Zimzalabim - Red Velvet

joy, red velvet, and irene image kpop, red velvet, and zimzalabim image

The song : 4/10
I like the instrumental and the chorus, but the rest, especially the raps, were a just bad.

The choreography : 7/10
I really enjoy the choreography, I learned the chorus part, and I promise you, I dance it about 5 times per day.

The music video : 4/10
The MV had some cool shots, but it was way too messy and overloaded, I didn't know what to focus on because there was so much going on.

The performances : 1/10
Okay, so the members performed well, but I simply can't give this a higher rating because of that awful styling. It was horrible. Wendy looked like green cotton candy, I think Yeri wore different colored shoes, the outfits looked like a seven year old tried to sew for the first time.

I'm so hot - Momoland

icon, Nancy, and jooe image icon, Nancy, and jooe image

The song : 7.5/10
Tbh I didn't expect much of this song, but it turned out to be really good!

The choreography : 2/10
So I learned the choreo, but I honestly feel stupid everytime I dance it because it's so stupid.

The music video : 5/10
The MV wasn't bad but it was nothing special.

The performances : 6/10
So, we all know Momoland aren't the best performers out there (no offense), but I really liked their styling this era! Everyone matched because they all somewhere had the same black-and-white pattern.

Gogobebe - Mamamoo

solar, kim yongsun, and mamamoo image mamamoo, solar, and moonbyul image

The song : 10/10
Gogobebe is a masterpiece, one of my all time favourites.

The choreography : 9/10
I really really enjoy dancing to gogobebe, it's an awesome choreography.

The music video : 5/10
The MV matched the song, but I didn't really like the concept they were going for, it looked very childish compared to their other MVs (but they looked like they had fun so it doesn't matter).

The performances : 8/10
Mamamoo performed good as always. They really looked like they enjoyed singing this song, and their styling was on point.

Senorita - (g)i-dle

k-pop, minnie, and 민니 image gif, idle, and soyeon image

The song : 3/10
There's so much about this song I don't like, Yuqis "Yoo woo woo" at the end, Shuhuas "lines" and Soyeons rap sounded so messed up.

The choreography : 4/10
I didn't learn this one, because it simply seemed boring to me.

The music video : 4/10
Of course, the music video had very good scenes, but the CGI parts looked so cheap, it ruined the whole video.

The performances : 6/10
So I don't like this song, but I can't deny that gidle performed it really well.

Snapping - Chungha

Image removed icon, soloist, and pfp image

The song : 10/10
My favourite comeback of 2019 so far.

The choreography : 7/10
I love the part when she's literally snapping. It's so sassy.

The music video : 6/10
The MV itself wasn't anything special in my opinion, but Chungha looked like a goddess.

The performances : 8/10
She performed with so much confidence, it's unbelievable. I guess you could say she snapped. Hehe.

No one - Leehi

Ikon, korean, and kpop image aesthetic, beautiful, and face image

The song : 9/10
No one is such a good song, the rap fits pperfectly in, Hanbins and Leehis voices harmonize so well together, a bop.

The choreography : ?/10
This song doesn't really have a choreography.

The music video : 9/10
The MV was very aesthetic and I feel like it really told a story, I like it very much.

The performances : 8/10
I really think she killed the performances. Her vocals sounded exactly like the studio version, and when Hanbin couldn't perform, she just rapped his parts herself.

Icy - Itzy

itzy, icy, and lia image icy, itzy, and k-pop image

The song : 3/10
Icy isn't a good song in my opinion. Sure some parts are catchy but over all it sounded inconcistent and overloaded.

The choreography : 7/10
I don't know what it is about Itzys choreographies, but they are all awesome.

The music video : 3/10
Same as the song, the MV had its moments (Lia in that red dress, omg) but was too overloaded, too colorfull and simply too much.

The stages : 6/10
The outifts were okay, some were a bit questionable, but they matched the song very good, and Itzy performed with so much confidence, we stan.

Uh-oh - (g)i-dle

k-pop, music, and (g)i-dle image jeon soyeon, song yuqi, and cho miyeon image

The song : 9/10
I love the vibe of Uh-oh. The beat is amazing, Soyeons raps are superior, the vocals were powerful. It would've been a 10/10 if the ending would've been different tho, I didn't really like that.

The choreography : 5/10
The choreo is recognizable, especially the beginning, but it seems boring to me.

The music video : 6/10
I think the MV matched the song and the vibe, but it wasn't very varied.

The performances : 10/10
Gidle really owned the stages. Their stylists did their jobs, the members vocals sounded very good and all of the performances were breathtaking.

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