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Calanthe Leclair is a Parisian book shop owner in her late 20s.
Calanthe means "to have the beauty of the flower"
Leclair comes from the word "clair" meaning "bright"

Appearance and unique characteristic

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She often wears her long brown hair in a low ponytail bound with a ribbon. She has light freckles and hazel green eyes. The most recognisable things about her are the black nail polish, her two gold rings with black jewels and her golden necklace with a little heart pendant.


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Her style reminds people instantly of a professor or libraries and universities. She wears blouses or button-down shirts with black or dark brown trousers and combines them with waistcoats from time to time. She favours tweed jackets and oxfords. Instead of backpacks, she uses a leather briefcase

Eating and Drinking Habits

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She is the embodiment of a sweet tooth and drinks a lot of tea and coffee.


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With both her parents being Parisians, her whole life surrounds around the french capital.
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This Ford Thunderbird 1956 is a present from her father. She absolutely adores it and cares for it like a child.
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She runs her own book shop with her apartment right above it. Most of the regular costumers are students and not only seek for books but rather tips for university, fashion, love or life.


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She lives in an apartment above her book shop in a small alley. The old wooden interior and details like portraits, paintings and dried flowers give the apartment a vintage look. The many plants and several vases of flowers making the apartment a cosy little oasis. Scents of vanilla and cinnamon linger in the air due to the many perfumed candles.


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Being a bookworm and loving to read was her reason for running a book shop in the first place.
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She bakes a lot and especially her family and friends benefit from it.
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Her specialities are cream puffs, macarons, cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. Especially her macarons. She often draws ornaments, flowers or feathers on them.
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She is an artist and most of the paintings in her apartment are self-made.
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At home, she mostly paints landscapes and flowers. Outside she does sketches of architecture.

Describing quotes

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Misses Sarah
Misses Sarah