Hey guys, what's up? Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week .

So today's article is about a road trip I went. I had an amazing time I took a lot of picture and I decided that it was a good idea for an article. Let's begin.

1st rest stop: Farsala

Well Farsala wasn't quite the most exciting part of this trip. We actually stay only for a little bit . We walked around the square and we tasted the traditional halva. ( not one of my favourites but still good)

Greece image Greece image

2nd rest stop: Karditsa

The road to Karditsa wasn't really long. When we arrived we had a walk int he park named " Pausilipo" and then we had a coffee on the café of the park. ( the coffee was pretty good congrtas to whoever made it)

road sign image Image by myrsinipap
Image by myrsinipap
Look what myrs the little explorer found. Yeah, it's just the feather of a peacock.
street art image
Oh and here just some street art that I liked and considered really important. ( I know I am not funny no need to tell me)

3rd rest stop: Meteora

Well for Meteora I don't have something really exciting to describe but I took some great photos. So yeah basically visited the monastery.

Image by myrsinipap Image by myrsinipap
Image by myrsinipap
Oh and here a picture just for the aesthtetic

4th rest stop: Trikala

When we reached Trikala it was late afternoon so we had lunch ( I didn't take any photos:( ) but before lunch we walked around the town.Trikala was nice to walk around so we were pleased after our walk.

Image by myrsinipap Image by myrsinipap

5th rest stop: Larissa

Larissa was pour final station. Larissa has a really nice park named Alkazar. Alkazar is also the name of the pitch of Larissa's soccer team A.E.L. After we walked
around Larissa we ate ice cream ( capuccino and coca cola) and then we headed back home.

Image by myrsinipap Image by myrsinipap Image by myrsinipap

So that's for today guys.

Hope you liked my article.