First off, I know this trend is already dead but I've been wanting to do this for so long so here ya go,,

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#1 hot sauce is better than ketchup

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I just wanted to start this by saying how can people even like ketchup?? ketchup with mastered especially just doesn't work for me.

#2 One direction management did them so dirty

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One Direction WAS SUCCESSFUL WHEN THEY WERE A GROUP, even I who was never really was a big fan, knew that. they sold lots of albums and had fans all over the wold. they stared falling apart when Zayn left... now that their all soloists, they became less successful including Zayn.

#3 Shawn Mendez IS HOT

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This is probably not an unpopular opinion, but I've seen people saying "he's not hot" do even see this???

#4 Audrey Hepburn is prettier than Marilyn Monroe

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I love both women and their both beautiful but I personally think Audrey is prettier.

#5 Shakira is THE Queen

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There, I said it, she speaks four languages, she could dance well, she performed pregnant before, she's mom of two and still performs like a queen, not to mention her IQ is 140. name me one artist who has all those qualities, I'll wait....

#6 Avengers endgame is boring

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Don't @ me
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#7 Leonardo is still the hottest man alive

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Breath if Agree,,,

#8 Billie Eilish's concept is getting annoying

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She is supper talented and pretty despite being young but she really needs to change the concept....

#9 BTS has the worst fans that ever existed

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Yes of course they have many mature fans but majority of them are childish and very annoying. speaking of BTS, they need to bring their old songs back.

#10 Ben Phillips is the best you-tuber

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He's a British you-tuber who likes to prank his brother. his pranks are funny.

#11 Ariana Grande is overrated

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yes she's pretty and has good music, but her personality is shit and people like her does not deserve to be over hipped for. period

#12 Logan Paul needs to be band from YouTube all at once

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this ones probably not an unpopular opinion too but still wanted to mention it. if you don't know why, than you're living under a rock.. just kidding... watch the video on YT and you'll know why

#13 Chocolate is the best

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All being said

#14 TikTok needs to be deleted

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