The Problem

The first thing to be understood is that the workforce today is primarily millennials. What is the defining factor between your candidate choosing between you and your competitor? Studies show that the number one thing that the job seekers today value, is a good work/life balance. Compensation isn’t even on the list. Companies utilizing the latest technology barely matters. So, what does this mean?

In a nutshell, this study shows us that creating mutual understanding between employer and job seeker can prevent a lot of that wasted time and money, and ultimately build a lasting, functioning relationship. Address the core value to what job seekers are actually seeking.

How do we deliver what job seekers value in our recruitment strategy to get more applicants and recruit more A-Players along the way?

How to Post Jobs For Free Online in 2019
Building your job description

Often times when employers get ready to post their jobs online, they will do a quick google search for 'job description templates' and copy/paste what someone else has pre-written.  Not a bad strategy, but certainly not good.  Many of the job boards have a feature built into their job posting search results to de-dupe.  This looks for similar postings that may be considered duplicate job postings.  If your template was easy to find, you copied it over and only changed the name of the company, location and compensation, chances are you'll have a hard time getting found.  Much of recruitment marketing is understanding out job boards work.

To build the best job description, we recommend having four major components

Company Overview - this section is talking about who the company is, why they do what they do.  Give the candidate the real understanding of what your company's sandbox really looks like.
Expectations - Paint a very clear picture of what a day and a life of work will look like.  By connecting with a candidate to give them a sense of what their day will consist of, emotionally connects and gets them more engaged in the opportunity.   In this section, more is always better than less.
Roles and Responsibilities - There is a direct correlation between bullet points in job descriptions and how well they rank on job boards.  The biggest job boards have an algorithm that looks for bullet points.  Make sure you create lists and utilize six or more.
Compensation - Most companies really overlook compensation.  This is a place to shine.  It's not about just the salary or the hourly rate for the employee, it's more than that.  Millennials have demonstrated time and again they care more about culture than compensation.  So give them more than "DOE" or "Will discuss upon interview."  Tell a story about what you as a company are committed to compensate them with.  Leadership training, industry knowledge, licensing, free lunch, incentive bonuses...etc.  The list goes one.  Take the time to talk about more than just dollars.

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