girl groups with the best choreo:

Image removed chuu, yves, and loona image kpop, umji, and kim yewon image yuri, lq, and izone image
twice loona gfriend iz*one

boy groups with the best choreo:

jin, v, and rm image boys, group photo, and kpop image asian, beauty, and felix image aesthetic, alternative, and hit image
bts ateez straykids seventeen

my position if i was in a kpop group:

girl, sky, and aesthetic image music, walkman, and aesthetic image
vocalist, main dancer

boy idols with similar fashion as me:

v, bts, and taehyung image Image removed bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image kim, rm, and bts image
taehyung, suga, jungkook ,namjoon

girl idols with similar fashion as me:

Image by emma_ lisa, blackpink, and kpop image
jisoo, lisa

idols with similar personality as me:

bts, taehyung, and v image bts, min yoongi, and suga image
taehyung, suga

dream job in the kpop industry:

Image removed 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image

kpop companies i want to work with:

flowers, music, and grunge image aesthetic, bands, and black and white image
stone music ent, bighit ent, jyp ent

bts songs that makes me cry or sad:

Temporarily removed cartoon, bunny, and aesthetic image angel, aesthetic, and statue image Abusive image
epiphany, the truth untold, sea, so far away, mikrokosomes, jamais vu

bts songs that makes me want to dance:

yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and converse image aesthetic, button up, and shirt image makeup, butterfly, and beauty image
anpanman, go go, mic drop, boy with luv, dionysus, ddaeng, idol, danger

bts songs that make me want to sing or rap:

flowers, wallpaper, and rose image pink, happy, and neon image aesthetic, girls, and happy image Image removed
euphoria, autumn leaves, hold me tight, seoul, moonchild, seesaw, dna, mic drop, ddaeng, tear, i need you, run, pier pied, like, just one day, boy with luv, home, paradise, magic shop, mikrokosomes, awake, young forever, spring day, love maze, fire, begin, tomorrow, serendipity, lights, heartbeat, cypher pt 1,2,3,4

favorite ships:

bts, taekook, and jungkook image lisa, blackpink, and rose image kpop, lisa, and rose image jin, bts, and namjin image
taekook, chaelisa, jensoo, namjin

favorite nct127 songs:

johnny, jaehyun, and doyoung image yuta, nct 127, and nct image nct, haechan, and mark image taeyong, love, and lee taeyong image
superhuman, regular, simon says, fire truck, cherry bomb

nct127 bias:

Temporarily removed kpop, memes, and taeyong image

favorite g (idle) songs:

Image removed jeon soyeon, cho miyeon, and gidle image bff, idle, and korea image jeon soyeon, cho miyeon, and gidle image
latata, hann, uh-oh

g ( idle ) bias:

Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed

favorite red velvet songs:

wendy, seulgi, and red velvet image red velvet and wendy image 90s, aesthetic, and edit image irene, red velvet, and kpop image
peek-a-boo, bad boy, really bad boy, power up, russian roulette

red velvet bias:

joy and red velvet image joy and red velvet image

favorite itzy songs:

icon, icons, and kpop image itzy, yuna, and yeji image itzy, yeji, and kpop image itzy image
it'z summer, icy, dalla dalla,want it

itzy bias:

lia and itzy image lia, itzy, and kpop image

favorite twice songs:

Image removed kpop, twice, and jeongyeon image icon, icons, and twice image momo, kpop, and twice image
likey, what is love, dance the night away, fancy, yes or yes,break through

twice bias:

once, twice, and hirai momo image twice, kpop, and momo image