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โ€” Binder dividers

If you use a binder, use dividers for different subjects. This makes finding your work easier and it keeps you from losing homework, classwork, etc.

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โ€” Colored highlighters/pen

Use different colored highlighters and pens for reference or different meanings

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โ€” Planners

Use a planner to keep up with events, due dates, and/or homework

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โ€” Study area

Have a study area at home with no distractions and essentials you need for any work

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โ€” Complete one task at a time

It usually gets hectic when we try to complete more than one thing at a time

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โ€” Declutter once a week

At the end of the week, look through all the papers, notes, and other things you've accumulated. Recycle or throw away all the things you dont need

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