Here are some items you have to own if you want to become a vsco girl.
I will also list some vsco girl activities!


1) Decorated phone case/ laptop

Temporarily removed aesthetic and vsco image

2) Hydro flask

summer, vsco, and hydro flask image aesthetic, art, and carefree image
Having stickers on them is an added bonus!

3) Kanken bag

summer, girl, and kanken image aesthetic, beach, and carefree image

4) Lip balms

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5) Shell necklace/bracelet

necklace image bracelet, scrunchie, and summer image

6) Scrunchies

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7) Oversized t-shirts

girl, yellow, and vsco image Temporarily removed

8) Converse/Vans

aesthetic, aesthetics, and converse image Image by ✰𝓙𝓪𝔃𝓵𝔂𝓷✰

Some optional things:

• Apple watch
• Earpods
• Polaroid
• Starbucks drink
• Rings
• VSCO cam
I think it's cool to stick to one vsco cam because I personally think it makes your feed look clean :)

yellow, watch, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed summer, pink, and beach image pink, starbucks, and food image Image removed braids, edit, and effect image


1) Sleepover

friends, friendship, and best friends image aesthetic, blue, and Dream image girl, roof, and goals image summer, sunset, and aesthetic image
This can be in a tent, in a pool, in the back of your car, on the roof etc.

2) Road trip

drink, summer, and vsco image friends, summer, and best friends image Image by ♡ H O L L Y M Δ R I E ♡ Temporarily removed

3) Picnic

book, aesthetic, and picnic image food, picnic, and summer image sushi, food, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

4) Painting

acrylic paint, art, and denim image art, paint, and diy image art, paint, and flowers image aesthetic, theme, and art image

5) Bonfire

beach, fire, and ocean image fire, girl, and tumblr image

6) Penny boarding

Temporarily removed aesthetic, summer, and vsco image

Song you could play during:

young dumb & broke - khalid

road trip:
lush life - zara larson

get you - daniel caesar (feat. kali uchis)

why - bazzi

love myself - hailee steinfeld

penny boarding:
slow dancing in the dark - joji

Hope this helped you out! Thank you for reading.