this is gonna be my 2nd article on here yassss :D anyway i found an article on this and it interests me so we love that for me. anyway that's all :DDDD

✰ fave soloist

chungha, kpop, and korean image chungha and kpop image
chungha ✰ queen of everything

✰ top 5 bias groups

gif, kpop, and signal image
twice ✰ the best girls
rose, jennie, and jisoo image
blackpink ✰ the baddest bitches
fromis, gif, and fromis_9 image
fromis_9 ✰ my babies
aesthetic, gif, and japanese image
iz*one ✰ favourite girls hehe
wendy, rookie, and irene image
red velvet ✰ my first kpop girls

✰ do you ship anyone?

momo, samo, and twice image momo, twice, and sana image
samo are literally girlfriends change my mind.

✰ how did i get into kpop?

my friend showed me wee woo by pristin and i kinda started liking it but i never stanned them. then in november 2017 i started liking bts and red velvet eventually stanning them. now this is where i am lmaoooo

✰ can you speak korean?

✰ have you ever been to a kpop concert?
yes; i went to see blackpink this may and I LOVED IT. they're truly amazing performers and i would see them again when they come where i live again

✰ top 3 biases

aesthetic, icon, and kpop image aesthetic, icon, and kpop image
momo ✰ twice
blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image
jisoo ✰ blackpink
kpop, hayoung, and kpop lq image kpop, hayoung, and gg lq image
hayoung ✰ fromis_9

✰ first kpop song i immediately liked

gif, red velvet, and joy image
peek-a-boo ✰ red velvet. i remember one of my old internet friends sending me this mv and i just fell in love with it... i listened to the album straight away and i just HAD to stan.

✰ kpop group you don't like

90's, 90s, and black image 90's, kpop, and white wind image
mamamoo.... they're talented and their music is great but i cannot bring myself to stan them. idk why.

✰ least fave idol?


✰ do i listen to soloists or groups more?

i listen to groups more but i adore soloists

asian, asian girl, and beautiful image
✰ fave comeback of 2019? not to sound like every boy group stan but fancy is soty. period.

✰ least fave concept from fave group?

album, kpop, and twice image album, kawaii, and korea image
i don't really have one but i'd say cheer up maybe? idk

✰ first ever bias?

red velvet, kim yerim, and yeri image yerim, yeri lq, and red velvet image
yeri ✰ red velvet
x1, lq, and lq icon image x1, lq icon, and dongpyo image
✰ who would you want as an older brother? dongpyo.... he's adorable n funny

✰ who would you want as an older sister?

icon, rose, and blackpink image icon, rose, and blackpink image
rosie seem's like such fun and idk... i just want her to be my sister lmaoooo

✰ if my bias kissed me, what would i do??

idk.... run out of shock

✰ fave company?

bbc/blockberry creative, they treat loona well and the ceo is female yasssss

✰ best visual group?

blackpink, jisoo, and lisa image jennie, blackpink, and kpop image rose, blackpink, and park chaeyoung image aesthetics, beauty, and celebrate image
blackpink is really just pretty girl, after pretty girl, after pretty girl, after pretty girl

✰ which group has the best songs?

jessica, Sunny, and hyoyeon image
snsd. no one can do it like them. queens of kpop.

✰ which group would you like to be classmates with?

twice, momo, and mina image twice, nayeon, and momo image
twice are the funniest girls, it would be so fun pleasssseeeee

✰ who would you want as your best friend?

lq, izone, and yena image lq, izone, and yena image
yena from izone is HILARIOUS and cute.... we love her and i want her to be my bestie

✰ who would you want as your girlfriend?

Image removed chuu, loona, and kpop image
kim jiwooooo pleathhhhh be my gfffff

✰ who would you want as friends with benefits?


✰ who would you want as a wife?

Image removed Image removed
eunbi is such wife material i loveee herr my bby

✰ how many kids do you want with them?

i hate kids.

✰ idol with your body goals?

blackpink, jennie, and kpop image blackpink, jennie, and kpop image
jennie. her figure is literally what i dream about.

✰ idol with your ideal beauty?

asian, beauty, and icon image asian, beauty, and icon image
sana... her visuals are EVERYTHING and her side profile... *chefs kiss*

✰ how long have you been into kpop?

since november 2018

✰ best kpop dancers

momo and twice image boys, icons, and kpop image
momo; twice ✰ taeyong; nct

✰ fave rappers?

preview, kpop, and ggs image glasses, idol, and kpop image
yeeun; clc ✰ yoongi; bts

✰ fave leaders?

twice, preview, and jihyo image bts, rm, and namjoon image
jihyo; twice ✰ namjoon; bts

✰ fave vocalists?

Temporarily removed exo, preview, and lq image
taeyeon; snsd ✰ baekhyun; exo

✰ fave maknaes?

preview, jiheon, and fromis image boys, Dream, and icons image
jiheon; fromis ✰ jisung; nct

✰ fave kdrama?

i don't have one but i wanna watch hotel del luna

✰ do you own any merch?

some red velvet, blackpink and izone albums as well as a blackpink shirt and lightstick from the concert hehe :D

✰ what position would you have in a kpop group?

main dancer, sub vocalist

✰ fave music video?

blackpink, lisa, and kpop image
whistle ✰ blackpink

✰ song you listen to when you're upset?

asian, girl, and rose image
hope not ✰ blackpink

✰ song that makes you happy?

gif, kpop, and once image
girls like us ✰ twice

✰ a song that reminds you of someone?

Image removed
don't know what to do ✰ blackpink

✰ ult female bias?

icon, momo, and twice image icon, momo, and twice image
momo ✰ twice

✰ do you stan groups before debut?

only sometimes...

✰ fave debut?

girls generation, snsd, and soshi image
into the new world ✰ snsd (this song never gets old i love it)

✰ bts or exo?


✰ blackpink or twice

i ult both but twice

✰ soft stan or hard stan

both idrk

✰ what other music do you listen to besides kpop?

i listen to a lot of rnb and broadway/musicals

and we're done.... that took hours.