Top 10 favorite groups (boy and girl groups)

¤ Stray Kids(ult group)
¤ Day6
¤ GOT7
¤ Shinee
¤ Twice
¤ Blackpink
¤ Red Velvet
¤ Mamamoo

Top 5 ultimate bias

Felix - Stray Kids

Image by ⠀⠀ ⊹ ˚ . 🍈 a Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Hwasa - Mamamoo

solar, moon byul, and hwasa image mamamoo and hwasa image

Chanyeol - EXO

exo, chanyeol, and kpop image exo, park, and chanyeol image

Mark - NCT

Image by zzzz kpop, nct, and mark image

Wonpil - Day6

baby boy, high quality, and hq image kim, selca, and day6 image
Song that introduce you to kpop

¤ Just right - GOT7

Top 3 girl groups

¤ Mamamoo
¤ Twice
¤ Red Velvet

Top 3 boy groups

¤ Stray Kids
¤ Day6

Fav debut

Stray Kids - Hellevator

hellevator image kpop, Chan, and felix image
Fav rap line

3racha and NCT 127 rap line(main rapper)

Image removed mark, taeyong, and nct image
Fav dance line

Stray Kids dance line

dance, JYP, and lee minho image
Fav vocal line


Jae, kim, and kpop image
Least favorite group

Idk, I love them all, there is not one that I like less than others

Least favorite song from your ult group

I don't have one because I love all the songs of Stray Kids, really

Fav underrated male group


ace, jun, and kim image ace, jun, and donghun image
Fav underrated female group


Image removed solar, mamamoo, and hwasa image
Fav male soloist

Eric Nam

eric nam image
Fav female soloist


Image by Loup
Fav senior group

Shinee, Super Junior and BigBang

boys, korean, and kpop image super junior image
bigbang, daesung, and kpop image
Fav duo


Image removed Image removed
Fav disbanded group

4minute and 2ne1

4minute, hyuna, and triple h image 2ne1, CL, and dara image
Fav non korean idol
kpop, stray kids, and bang chan image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image Image removed mark, nct, and kpop image
Chan and Felix from skz (australian), Lisa from Blackpink(thai), Jackson from GOT7(chinese) and Mark from NCT(canadian)
Fav concept

I prefer dark concept even I like cute concept sometimes too

What do you like the most in Kpop

I think the choregraphies, and also the style, I find that different than french or american or another type of music

Fav k-band

Day6 and The Rose

Jae, kim, and kpop image boys, kpop, and the rose image

And tha's all, byyyee 👋