Name: Maya Heilig
Nickname: May
Birth date: 20th august
Zodiac sign: leo

Blood status

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harry potter, ravenclaw, and blue image books and library image Temporarily removed blue, window, and harry potter image


girl, beauty, and hair image thinspo thin skinny, fashion style outfit, and perfect perfection image Image by Ani beautiful, beauty, and clothes image
dark curly hayr; blue eyes; thin; beautiful smile; freckles.


book, aesthetic, and dark academia image bisexual, lesbian, and pride image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed couple, love, and hands image school and aesthetic image
funny; outgoing; intelligent; good-tempered; stubborn; hearty; bi; sweet.


fashion, outfit, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, outfit, and pink image outfit, fashion, and style image bag, girly, and gucci image bijoux, bracelet, and montre image
trendy; skirts; accessories; backpack.


flowers and bee image cat, flowers, and window image flowers, nature, and aesthetic image scotland, edinburgh, and travel image


cinema image book, autumn, and bookstore image book, writing, and write image beach, mat, and tapestry image
theater; read; poetry; yoga.


Temporarily removed friends, boy, and photo image aesthetic, car, and filter image old and vintage image
sea ​​breeze; friends; drive alone; old music.


adidas, dark, and grunge image Temporarily removed


Image removed fox, harry potter, and patronus image

Favorite subjects:

Temporarily removed harry potter image people, grunge, and quotes image planet, photography, and vintage image
history of magic; transfiguration; muggle studies; atronomy.

Yule ball

beauty, dress, and earrings image eyes, eye, and makeup image Adult, alone, and drink image beautiful hair, black and white, and ballroom dress image stars, sky, and night image Temporarily removed
had a terrible date; end the night hanging with best friends in the astronomy tower; kissed her best friend (Sam).

Best friends


girl, beauty, and hair image ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image couple, hands, and aesthetic image book, love, and couple image
More about Sam on my profile (if i went to hogwarts ✨).


girl, hair, and beauty image harry potter, hufflepuff, and hogwarts image game, scrabble, and fun image Temporarily removed
more about Ally on my profile.


boy, lucky blue smith, and model image green and harry potter image aesthetic, harry potter, and hogwarts image aesthetic, chess, and favourite image

Love interest

Temporarily removed cuple, happy, and relax image girl, beauty, and hair image Temporarily removed
Alec? Sam?