Strange the Dreamer is a magical, remarkable, beautiful and a well done story. And Laini Taylor’s writing style is stunning and very lyrical, I fell in love with the story since Chapter 1.

I knew it would be one of my all time favorites before I even got halfway through it.

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Spoiler Free Review

Strange the Dreamer is about the librarian and orphan Lazlo Strange, who’s also called Strange the Dreamer. He’d been fascinated by a mythic city since he was a little boy. The city is called Weep, but that’s not it’s true name, something happened and as if my magic the name of the city is lost and the name Weep is planted in everyone’s mind. But the name Weep leaves a sour taste in Lazlo’s mouth so he calles it the Unseen City. Since then Lazlo spends his life with his head in books trying to uncover the mysteries of Weep, and to find proof that the city exists because according to everyone else the city doesn’t really exist. But everyone is proven wrong when one day warriors from this legendary city come to the Great Library, led by their leader who’s called Godslayer, seeking help from outsiders to solve the problem that had taken over their city. This is the only opportunity Lazlo has to finally solve the mysteries of the Unseen City.

This story has everything from world building, character building to magic and wonderful writing. I can’t even describe how amazing and incredible this book is. This is my first read by Laini Taylor and I’ll be definitely reading more of her works because her descriptions are everything!

Lazlo is one of my favorite characters! He’s incredible and I loved reading through his mind.

And that ending!!! 😱I can’t wait to order Muse of Nightmares and read it immediately when it arrives.

The Characters

Lazlo Strange, Strange the Dreamer

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Lazlo Strange isn't your typical hero, but he's an amazing character, being bookish and slightly shy, someone who just wants his dream to come true.


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Despite living in an environment where she has been taught to hate humans, Sarai does not feel the need to hurt them.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

"It was impossible of course. But when did that ever stop any dreamer from dreaming?"
"Forbid a man something and he craves it like his soul's salvation, all the more so when that something is the source of incomparable riches."

There are a lot more quotes that I really loved but i don't want to post something that would spoil the book.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it.

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