A while ago I made this article:

Here's part two, enjoy :)

If I were…

an element

aesthetic, poetry, and sad image water, sea, and ocean image ocean, sea, and waves image nature, ocean, and pink image
always in motion \\ reflection \\ rough or calm

a feeling

grunge, tumblr, and friends image high school musical, zac efron, and vanessa hudgens image b&w, black, and children image food, full house, and funny image

an animal

cute image animal, cute, and bunny image adorable, ​aw, and bunny image Image removed

a time of the day

aesthetic, blue, and sunset image blue, colors, and dew image sunset, bedroom, and room image mountains and nature image

a mythical creature

Inspiring Image on We Heart It mermaid, ocean, and sea image Image removed moon, dragonfly, and fairy image
an elf but also a mermaid

a flower

bouquet, flowers, and rose image beautiful, beauty, and flowers image aesthetic, pretty, and roses image white, beautiful, and pink image
a rose

a painting

Image by Lore ✨ painting and girl with the pearl earring image
sophisticated // pale // over the shoulder

a movie

family, couple, and love image love, safe haven, and couple image lindsay lohan, movie, and the parent trap image the parent trap, movie, and lindsay lohan image
safe haven/parent trap ~ there are so many others though

Thank you for reading!