Day 15: What is the most frightening thing your character has experienced?

Before Alice turned 10 there was only one rule in the Johnson's house:

Don't go to the forest. Especially at night.

She only broke the rule once. One day, when she was 7, she and Theo (they were having a sleepover) went to the forest on the end of the back garden. They walked for a long time until they found a lake, there they played catch and hide-and-seek but then the night started to fall and they decided to go back home.

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Of course, in the dark, they got lost. That wasn't the problem because, at that time, Theo already knew the stars better than the palm of his hand and, as soon as he found the north star, they started following it. But suddenly they heard a noise. As they turned back a pretty big warthog (or it looked big for them) was right behind them.

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They both run and climbed to a tree. Theo helped Alice climb and when he tried to go up Alice struggled to pull him and the warthog almost caught Theo by his foot. They stayed in the tree but the warthog, who wasn't as nice as Pumba Alice thought, stayed too. It was starting to get really dark and they were scared. Alice began to cry and Theo hugged her.

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But then, out of nowhere, a light, green and delicate, appeared and, after going around the warthog, he ran away. Alice and Theo rubbed they're eyes thinking it was a dream but it wasn't. Then, the light, went around the two kids and landed in Alice's knee. They heard a noise like a child's giggle and then it disappeared.

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They climbed down and ran home where they told the story to Jacob. He smiled but told them not to go to the forest again or to, at least, take him with them to see the fairies.

It was the most scared Alice had ever been but it was also one of her favourite memories.


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