Hi Lovelies,

I think it´s time for a small outfit and trend guide for summer 2019!! Recently I discovered many beautiful and wearable trendy outfits that I want to share with you today... Let´s get started!

Trend #1
White dresses

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Combine them with a small bag, heels and some delicate jewelry

Trend #2
Thin Cardigans

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Button them up a little bit to create a sexy look and make sure it´s thin material so it won´t be hot to wear

Trend #3
Chain Belts

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Monograms or gold hardware look very expensive and add a little glamour to every outfit

Trend #4

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This is by far my favorite trend!! Paired with some mom jeans and big earrings this looks so elegant and gives me major french vintage vibes!

Trend #5
Baby Blue

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Everything light blue is very on trend right now!! Swimsuits, sweaters, sunglasses... whatever!

Trend #6
Matching sets

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This one tone look is great because it´s not hard to style and some matching accessories are the perfect addition

Trend #7
White Blouses

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Paired up with some cat-eye sunglasses and a Louis Vuitton Vintage bag

Trend #8
Mini Dresses

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Especially leather, silk, and vinyl dresses are now worn by many celebrities like Kylie Jenner

Trend #9
Gold and pearl jewelry

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You have seen those hairclips and necklaces for sure! They look super cute and feminine!

Trend #10
Turtelshell acessories

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These sunglasses are super popular right now! Wear them with your outfits

I hope you liked my trend guide and make sure to check out my other summer article!

Xo, Sophie

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