There's a beach of red sand and turquoise waters right at the end of the world, in a hidden corner just before you can start counting yet another round around the earth. It's the place where lost ideas, love hidden in locked drawers, departed souls and dreams that flap and drift away before you can make sense of them come.
A moss-covered cave hides the entrance to Æfre ma beach, and in the corner of the cave, heart throbbing and trying to understand the clear glitter of unwarranted sand, even in the darkness, kneels Andromeda. Her fingertips are running intensely along the edge of a piece of paper while she tries to remember what her father told her in a dream right after he passed, fifteen years ago.

"... follow the sand trails, jump in the lake and swim under the cave walls, you'll find it there; you'll find that nothing is ever lost."
Andromeda stands up glancing at the sand trails of this impossible cave wondering if she will make it; the three-day hike in the forest had already taken a toll on her.
As she starts walking, the grains of sand somehow raise and buzz around, creating clashing spirals that hit her harder with every step she takes. She tries to keep her eyes shut and holds on to the now crumpled paper ball in her hands. The pain should be unbearable, but she can't feel it. Unable to breathe properly without inhaling any sand, she starts running desperately, hoping not to fall into an abysm or clash with a wall.
Andromeda moves as fast as she can hoping it´ll be over in a sprint, her lungs and muscles burn painfully.
Will this place be everything she had hoped? She had dreamt about it recently, after yet another loss, and she couldn´t see her father, but the stars were as bright as ever, and she could feel him around, him and everything she had ever mourned in her life, even the sense of hope and magic she´d somehow lost during her early 20´s. It was all there filling her with a fluttering warmth.
A cold whirlpool of water on her feet made her halt; she realised the sand was gone, and she opened her eyes.
The pool, the lake at the end of the cave, she was finally there! A few beams of light seemed to be coming up from under the lake. She took a deep breath and re-read the scribblings on the piece of paper for the last time before going on.

Dear time,
I sometimes wish I could hold you, I wish I could see you from a distance, I wish I could understand... but you keep flowing vertiginously, and I'm left alone with my questions.
I've been assuming, for years now, that you're both ever-changing and eternal. I've been hoping that you really do keep all the moment's that aren't now safe somewhere, I've been expecting all the good deeds, the love and all the fleeting wonders are still somehow real, even if not here, right now.
If so, please let your hand come through all the possibilities and veils, and take me there. Please.

The water hit her ribcage, and she exhaled all the shadows that had been hanging from her own; after a deep breath in, she swam beneath the walls of the cave.
Andromeda couldn't see where all the light was coming from, but she could tell the water was getting warmer the further away she got from the cave. Weirdly enough there were no water creatures in there, there was only her, but she didn't feel alone.
When she reached out for air, the coast was finally visible, and she swam with all the strength her body had left, when the waves finally started breaking at the shore, her trembling arms dragged the rest of her body through the beach.
It was night, and the sky looked brighter than ever before. The stars, the moon, it all somehow seemed closer.
She collapsed exhausted but kept fighting her heavy eyelids and managed to stay awake. A massive roar was loud and clear in the distance, and it seemed to be getting closer. Her dad's presence was undeniably strong there as well, but she couldn't see him.
"Look up", said a roaring voice that made her giggle, "they're all here, look up." She did. She would trust this voice anywhere; she could always feel the love pouring out of it. "The stars", explained the view, " that's why they seem closer, they know you're here. You can pull them down if you want to."
Andromeda wanted to, she wanted to see it all together with the way she felt it, but there was a different reason for her visit. The Lionheart smiled, he knew.
" I told you I'd come to the end of the world for you", Andromeda whispered faintly, fighting her eyes. He held her while his laughter echoed loudly and beautifully inside her head. " Yes", he said.
"To the moon and back, forever until the end", she exhaled losing her battle with exhaustion, and it all went dark as he kissed her forehead.
Andromeda woke up in her bed, with sand all over her wet clothes. She felt lost and confused as she inspected the place; tears started pouring out of her eyes. She ran to the window and looked up to the sky, and it seemed much closer and brighter now. A tingling laugh made its way between her sobs.
"Hi", she whispered. "Forever."