An intentional, continuous scratch had been ringing somewhere in the back of her mind. This dream she was creating; it wasn´t hers; something was seeping from behind. A powerful pull was drawing her to a distant vacuum away from this brave new world; her head felt numb, her fins felt weak, like falling off their centrum.
The moment came when the image in her head was too violent to tame. It was happening, she could only see one face, and it was in pain. Merlina opened her eyes at the same time Coralia´s suffocated cry rose to the surface. They had all been expecting it but hoped it didn´t come to pass.
The absolute darkness of her cage finally broke her connection. The brave new world would have to wait, for this time vortex was jeopardising its potential. A whirling flow of elements was crashing and collapsing everywhere, and most importantly the sleeping guardians had been awakened to find their brothers trapped, mocked and massacred.

The Obsidian room was infinite and calm; she tried, but the door was impossible to locate.
The dark room that just moments ago had been filled with the light of her dreams was now just a dot in space.
A force built up in the middle of her brain with such intensity it felt like her skull was breaking apart, and from the space in between her currently useless eyes, a vision
came and after, a light. The door was right above her. It was time.