I've come up with a list of ways to spend time with my friends because most of the time if there's not a set activity they're on their phones and that gets rather boring fast. I've tried some of these and it includes everyone a lot better and keeps everyone entertained.

Have a bake off or just a large cook up

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Go on a roadtrip

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Go bowling

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Go ice skating

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Go to a laser tag

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Go paintballing

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Do a martial arts (or any other sport) taster session

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Go to an escape room

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Have a leaf fight

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Have a water fight

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Have a paint fight in white (or similarly light coloured) clothes

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Play darts with balloons filled with paint on a large canvas to ease stress and create a unique piece of abstract art (Princess Diaries anyone???)

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Make customised memento mugs

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Braid friendship bracelets for one another

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Have a home spa day - manicures, pedicures, face masks etc

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Dress up in a group costume and go around in character in a public place to see their reactions

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Create a treasure hunt

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Have a board game evening where everyone brings any board games they can find and you make it all one big competition

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Have a sleepover

Temporarily removed

Have a movie marathon

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Go to a crazy golf

Go see a movie or a play

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Swap and share clothes

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Give each other a budget and become their personal stylist for the day. You could also give a time limit to find the clothes.

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A charity shop dinner party - all outfits must be bought from charity or thrift shops (this can also be a group activity). An award for best dressed and most extravagant.

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Give makeovers aka do each others makeup and hair

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Impromptu karaoke

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Have a picnic

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Put on a play - allocate actors/actresses, a director, a costume designer, choreographer, writer, makeup artist and set team and voila! Tip: take on multiple roles and just have a laugh

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Dance in the rain

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Send letters in the post to one another

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Make leaf angels

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Take a dance class together eg ballroom or Latin

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These are all my ideas if you haave any more feel free to let me know so I can add them or just write your own article of ideas.

Best of luck.


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