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Welcome back to my articles! If you are new please kindly check out my account and collections! Today I am going to share my experience about travelling to UK and Ireland. It's kinda like a travel diaries and hard to explain honestly. So yeahh let's get started!

Friday, 19th of July 2019

So around 13.30ish we ordered uber to go to the airport. I was super excited because i have been working so hard and need holiday asap so yeah. Anyway, I went with a tour, I know it's kinda asian things lol but I have never been there before and want to explore the hallmark and maybe later when I make my own money I gonna go back there again with my fam. So our group met up at 15.00 and u know traffic so I rather wait at the airport rather than miss my flight. After that, my family went to a lounge and our flight was at 18.30ish.

So we arrived at Doha for transit because we flew with Qatar Airways, and then flew to Heathrow, London.

Image by L I V adventure, airport, and city image
*photos are not by me*

Saturday, 20th of July 2019

We arrived at London at 8ish in the morning, but there's lack of communication between my tour leader and the bus company so we waited like an hour and then went to Manchester with 3 hour drive. We stop for lunch at rest area and arrived there to see Old Trafford Stadium ,Manchester City Council, Manchester Cathedral and Picadilly Garden. After a long long day we finally arrived at the hotel -Holiday Inn- and got the rest we deserve. Anyway, UK and Indonesia have 6 hours difference meaning like if it's 13.00 in Indonesia, it's 6.00 in UK but I didn't feel jet lagged, luckily.

holiday, manchester, and manchester united image architecture, holiday, and manchester image

Sunday, 21st of July 2019

Well, this day is where we stopped at little city called York where there is York Minster ,Stone Gate, The Shambles like where Harry Potter filmed. We had lunch there at local restaurant called Wildwood and it was really yummy! After that we went to Edinburgh and it took like 4-5 hours, had dinner and straight to the hotel -Double Tree by Hilton-.

architecture, city, and holiday image harry potter, holiday, and uk image

Monday, 22nd of July 2019

We went to Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, St. Gilles Cathedral and passed the Elephant House Cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the first book of Harry Potter. We had lunch and went to Inverness to have dinner and got some rest -Jurys Inn-.

castle, edinburgh, and holiday image edinburgh, harry potter, and holiday image

Tuesday, 23rd of July 2019

So we went to Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness where there are-there's no proof until now- a mythical creature called Nessie. And we also went to Glasgow to see Glasgow Univ, George Square. We then had dinner and straight to the hotel -Courtyard by Marriott-.

holiday, loch ness, and nature image loch ness, nessie, and scotland image

Wednesday, 24th of July 2019

This day was kind of boring honestly, we went to Belfast by cruise which made by a company called H&W (Harland and Wolff) and went to the Titanic Quarter ,shopped at Belfast City Hall Area ,had dinner and went to hotel -AC Hotel by Marriott-.

holiday, ireland, and titanic image belfast, holiday, and ireland image

Thursday, 25th of July 2019

We went to Giant's Causeway which is one of World's Heritage Spot and it's absolutely breathtaking like massive piles of hexagonal shaped rock just sitting there and it looks so gorgeous. And after we had lunch, we have the longest bus ride ever it's like 6-7 hours ride so we are really tired and had dinner at the hotel -Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Limerick -.

holiday, ireland, and nature image holiday, ireland, and nature image

Friday, 26th of July 2019

We went to Cliffs of Moher where I'm sure a lot of you will recognised it in the pict bcs it's been in many movies, it's really windy and rainy but soon changed to be sunny and I am happy bcs it's absolutely an amazing view. We then went to Dublin and saw Temple Bar, Trinity College, St. Patrick Cathedral. Anyway Dublin is the factory of Guinness Beer so we had to try it lol. After had dinner we went to the hotel bcs the next day we had to wakeup super early to catch a ferry. -Citywest Hotel-

beautiful, cliffs of moher, and holiday image beer, dublin, and factory image

Saturday, 27th of July 2019

So we went to Liverpool through the ferry and of course went to Anfield Stadium, Liverpool Cathedral, Albert Dock where there's a statue for the Beatles. And when we were going to Liverpool we got a chance to visit the world's longest train station name. After had dinner ,we went to the hotel -The Mercure-.

cool, holiday, and train station image holiday, Liverpool, and uk image

Sunday, 28th of July 2019

Sorry bcs I didn't take any picts except for food that I ate. We basically just went to London but stopped at Bicester Village Outlet where we shopped ,I really didn't buy anything bcs I don't like the stuff I mean Men's choices were better tho. And after we had dinner and put our bags in the hotel room, we met my friend's daughter which happens to live there and she accompanied us to shop at mini market near the hotel bcs on Sunday basically almost every shop is closed. She asked if we want to hang out at the bar but we feel like it's too late for her bcs she's alone so yeah lmao. We stayed for the next 2 nights at Double Tree by Hilton Dockland Riverside.

aesthetic, cafe, and food image aesthetic, cafe, and fish and chips image
we had lunch at Farmshop at Bicester Village it's a really nice cute cafe

Monday, 29th of July 2019

This was the day when we tour the city like Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus ,Big Ben which is still renovated :). We basically strolling around and had free time to shop, take photos, try local food and then met up at China Town to have dinner and went back to the hotel bcs we had to pack our last night

holiday, london, and uk image holiday, london, and photography image

Tuesday, 30th of July 2019

This was our last day in London ,we shopped at Oxford Street ,saw couple stuff at Selfridges, Harrods where we met lastly with my mom's friend's daughters and shopped lmao and last but not least we went to Stamford Bridge a.k.a Chelsea Stadium. And that's it, we went to the airport ,did some tax refund, and almost missed our flight bcs it was 2+ hours and all our bags got stuck in the x-ray for the security to check lmao apparently bcs I am Asian we never really that strict so yeah but nothing was throwed away.

cafe, delicious, and food image holiday, london, and United Kingdom image
left : lunch at local pub, right : the dining hall at harrods!

Wednesday, 31th of July 2019

After we transited at Doha, we continued to fly back here and the total of the flight is 14-15 hours(?). We arrived at our house at 11ish and jet lagged till now, so I slept at like 3 in the morning.

So that's all I have for today, hope you enjoy this article and it kinda inspires you if u want to travel to UK - Ireland. I know it's a really short trip but I definitely will go back in the future especially London (it's my 2nd time in London!).Thank you so much for reading ! It means so much for me 💕See you next time!
all pics by me except for cover image and the first two picts!

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