Like flowers, women are a symbol of strength, light and life. They are reborn in the chaos and survive in the storm, and not just anyone who can enjoy their beauty. Women and flowers are the purest and most genuine symbol of the beauty of this universe, so enjoy

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Who says a woman needs to have someone side by side? Even without a company, you are complete. Enjoy life, do what you feel like doing. If you ever knock on your door and ask to live in your heart, don't forget that the person has to love you just the way you are and, above all, has to overflow you.

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Machismo, prejudices, rights ... Every woman is born brave. The fact that they are female already forces them to face various obstacles along the way. There is no time to lose. If they lack the courage, they will be swallowed up by the old rules system. So, woman, when they say you're not brave, show them to be wrong.

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