Hi everyone :) I'm back with another article ! Today we are going to talk about hair. We all want shinny and nourished hair but it is not that easy especially in the summer.
So I've come up with 5 tips to help you with that.

1. Don't wash your hair too often
Washing your hair every day will damage them. Plus the more you wash your hair, the faster they get greasy.

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2. Wash your hair too times
It is important to wash your hair too times. The first one is going to take of the dirt and the oil from your hair and the second one is really going to wash them.

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3. Use a conditioner
You probably already does that but make sure you let it sit for a little and put some only on the end of your hair!

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4. Limit the use of hair straighteners or anything that will put heat on your hair
If you can try also to let them dry alone and not use a hairdryer.

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5. Prevent your hair from breakage
Go cut your hair every 3-4 months and apply once a day a little of argan oil.

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Remember there is no product that would make them go away but you can take care of your hair to prevent them from coming.

I hope those tips were helpful !
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