Hello babes,

since August is the last month of summer, I decided to write as many summer themed articles as I can, I'm going to post many of them during the month but today I'm here to write the summer vibes tag.

Let's get started!

1| What do you love about summer?

actually, I love the season, the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the way the water touches my body, the smell of the sunscreens, the sunsets and the smell of the beach.

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2| Describe summer in 4 pictures:

summer, blonde, and fashion image beach, Greece, and palm tree image babe, beach, and blue image summer, beach, and tan image

3| What is your favourite summer outfit?

crop top and highwaisted shorts or top and skirt.

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4| What is your favourite summer drink?

water and iced coffee.

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5| What is your favourite vacation place?

the Greek islands.

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6| What are your favourite summer quotes?

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7| What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

guys, I'm obsessed with ice cream, I can literally eat every single flavour (except for the cherry flavour which I don't like) but my all time favourite are strawberry cheesecake and cookie dough from Ben & Jerry's.

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8| What is your favourite food to eat during summer?

salads, fruits, seafood and ice cream.

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9| What are your favourite things to do in summer?

swimming in the ocean, tanning, watching the sunsets, chilling, going for long car rides at night, going on road trips and detoxing myself.

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10| What do you dislike about summer?

mosquitoes for sure, the bugs and inscets in general and the cockroaches.

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