Hi! My name is Christel, kindly bare with my English grammar. I am not a professional writer. I just feel like writing this article about loving someone. When can you say that you really love someone truly and deeply? Is it once you've hurt you'll give up?

I may say that this article is not an article but a confession indeed.

I'v been in love with someone whose not committed to me. We are both single but not in relationship. Its much more like we've been in an open relationship.

Why can't we be? because he's not ready. He is the bread winner of their family. In Asian culture, sons and daughters are tend to repay or help their family once they've got a job. He has two siblings and he is the oldest of them all.

I understand his side. He do part time jobs, sidelines and all the stuff just to earn money. I also have my jobs. But before we met, he is crazy in love in someone else and I don't know if he is still up until now.

I always initiate in everything, in chatting him like
"Did you eat already?"
"Good night"|
"Good morning"
"I miss you"
"I like your smile"
"I re-read our old conversation"
Stuff like that.

But everything about him leads me to whirl wind emotions. One thing is for sure, We should love our-self first. Loving and caring about our own self is the number one key to build the gates between the heartache and boundaries.