They say that deep in the forest lives a woman.
Some say it's a story to scare the children, others claim to have seen her.

So if the children ask their mothers about the lady in the woods, the mothers have two answers to choose from.

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"Hush my dear children this lady is not what she seems. She is what we call a witch. A witch that takes you all away from us. So never speak of her again and do not search for her. She'll take you away into the land where not even the sun dares to lay here warm rays onto it and only wolfs and eagles dare to live."
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"The lady in the woods you ask? A sad story if you ask your dear mother. She was once the daughter of a hunter and a herb woman. Old enough to attend her father on the hunt, the mother stays at home on her own. Some of the villagers still not trusting her knowledge of herbs are calling her witch, they wait for husband and daughter to enter the forest. They took her away and when the hunter and his daughter came back, the father got furious telling his daughter to ride back into the forest. Telling her to stay in their cabin and wait till he gets there. The daughter anxious riding back into the woods, not daring to look back, does only hear how her dear father gets attacked. So some say she still lives deep in the forest in that particular cabin all on her own. Only her horse and the other animals of the forest bearing her company"
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Both stories the mothers could tell their children are whether right nor wrong. There truly was once a family of a hunter, a herb woman and their beloved daughter. Truly the villagers accused the mother of being a witch and took her away, no one knowing what happened to her and the father shouting to his daughter to ride back into the forest before he was attacked like his wife.
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But the truth is that not the mother but the daughter practised alchemy from time to time. She was always careful not to be seen by the villagers but somehow they noticed. That's the reason why she still lives deep within the forest. Afraid that she could follow the fate of her parents, she still avoids being seen by the villagers nearby.
Misses Sarah
Misses Sarah