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We all know how traveling can be. It is incredible for the mind and soal but not always so for the body. We tend to overeat, eat more junk food and sleepless when we travel. There is nothing wrong with this but at the same time, it does leave us feeling drained and exhausted afterward. So I will be telling you 5 ways I bounce back after such a Holiday so that I can feel my best every time I travel.

So here we go :

1. Catch up with sleep

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This is super effective. Most of the time we feel drained after a trip is because we haven't been sleeping as much and even when we do sleep we tend to have less quality sleep when we sleep in different environments than the ones we are used to. So go and get those well needed hours of sleep and get your energy back.

Never underestimate the power of sleep guys!!!

2.Drink plenty of water

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Whenever I feel like I had been quite unhealthy lately or super groggy, I make sure to consume plenty of water. Water is always important but especially in such cases to help flush toxins away from your body and also helps with the brain fog that can settle in if you are dehydrated. A great tip is to even stay hydrated during the trip, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

3.Green tea

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Whenever I feel I haven't been eating well, either because I have been traveling or have been going out often, I resort to my old friend, green tea. It is right in antioxidants which help fight free radicals( Formed in the body especially from junk food and result in inflammation and aging) and also helps me if I am feeling nauseous. We all have those mornings when we wake up stuffed from the birthday party the night before, I don't recommend doing this by the way, but if you do, green tea will become your friend. It will help you feel less toxic and more detoxed, and let's be honest we all would benefit from a little detoxification.

4. Eat clean for a whole week

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Dedicate the week after coming back for being super healthy and clean when it comes to your diet. Get creative with your salads, switch dessert for some fresh summer fruit and add more nutrient-rich foods into your diet like almonds, spinach, and kale.

5. Self-compassion

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It is our habit to be hard on our self, to judge ourselves for being too careless with our health, for falling off from our healthy habits. But let me tell you this, it is ok. IT IS OK. It is ok to get out of track sometimes. It is ok not to always be perfect( I know this is hard for all those perfectionists out there, me included). So embrace your human nature. Be proud of yourself for seeing the need to get on top of your health and don't let your own harsh judgment get in the way. Get back on track not from a place of self-punishment but rather from a place of self-love.

That's it for today. I hope you loved this article and I am sad to say that this summer's health series is coming to an end soon. Will be adding another article on Saturday and the final article on next Tuesday. But don't worry, that doesn't mean you won't be hearing from me. Quite the contrary. I will be starting a new series on the 17 th of August all about self-improvement and self-love. If you love my health content I have a fall health series coming up this fall, so stay tuned.

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