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#1 favourite girl group?

queens, ot12, and loona image red velvet, joy, and wendy image
me ⇢ loona ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ red velvet

#2 favouriye boy group?

bts, jin, and kpop image kpop and bts image
me ⇢ bts ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ bts

#3 favourite band?

band, icon, and kpop image day6, brian, and younghyun image
me ⇢ the rose ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ day6

#4 favourite sub unit?

Image by Loup kpop, yves, and chuu image
me ⇢ loona oec ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ loona yyxy

#5 favourite senior girl group?

girls generation, snsd, and kpop image girls generation, snsd, and Sunny image
me ⇢ snsd ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ snsd

#6 favourite senior boy group?

SHINee, Jonghyun, and Minho image SHINee, Jonghyun, and kpop image
me ⇢ shinee ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ shinee

#7 favourite duo?

jiyoon, bom, and jiyoung image jiyoon, jiyoung, and bolbbalgan4 image
me ⇢ bolbbalgan4 ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ bolbbalgan4

#8 favourite female rookie?

girls, icon, and icons image girls, icons, and kpop image
me ⇢ chaeryeong (itzy) ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ yiren (everglow)

#9 favourite male rookie?

boys, icons, and kpop image san and ateez image
me ⇢ huening kai (txt) ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ san (ateez)

#10 favourite female soloist?

heize, kpop, and lq image wonder girls, wonder girls icons, and sunmi icons image
me ⇢ heize ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ sunmi

#11 favourite male soloist?

deantrbl, kwon hyuk, and lq dean image Image removed
me ⇢ dean ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ taemin

#12 top 3 groups?

lq, loona tv, and loona image nct, nct u, and nct dream image
me ⇢ bts, loona, twice ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ bts, ateez, nct

#13 favourite female rapper?

heize, icon, and kpop image hyuna, lq, and low quality image
me ⇢ heize ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ hyuna

#14 favourite male rapper?

bts, suga, and min yoongi image bts and 방탄소년단 image
me ⇢ yoongi ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ hoseok (yoonseok nation)

#15 favourite female vocalist?

icons, kpop, and ggs image aesthetic, icon, and kpop image
me ⇢ yuju (gfriend) ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ jihyo (twice)

#16 favourite male vocalist?

Image removed bts, taejin, and jin image
me ⇢ jungkook & jimin ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ taehyung & seokjin

#17 favourite female visual?

loona, olivia hye, and son hyejoo image girl band, girl group, and icon image
me ⇢ hyejoo (loona) ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ jisoo (blackpink)

#18 favourite male visual?

boy, lips, and wallpaper image bts, v, and taehyung image
me ⇢ jimin ₊˚.༄ rebecca ⇢ taehyung
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