Hi guys, welcome to another article. Today I gathered my July favorites, this month for me was cold and to be honest I don't like it very much, It's just too cold for me. But let's stop talking about this, I hope you had a great July and hope you have an greater August.

+ top 5 songs
- Pegasus Seyia (The Struts)
- Heartbeat (BTS)
- Lights (BTS)
- 7 rings (Ariana Grande)
- Attention (Charlie Puth)

+ Stranger Things (3rd Season)
I loved this series since the first season, and I think it just got better in each season I am excited for the 4th season. Even though I am not a big fan of movies/series with "creatures", this one really catched me. It's really good

stranger things image Image by emma_

+ Saint Seyia: The Knights of The Zodiac
I remember seeing on Twitter, a lot of conversation about the "new version" of this anime series on Netflix but I eventually forgot about it. One day I was searching something to watch on Netflix, I saw the banner and I remember watching this anime when I was a kid with my brother and about the conversations but I watched anyways because I used to love it. I loved this new version too, I am not a hardcore fan but I like it, the only thing I didn't like it is that it has only 6 episodes with 23 minutes each, I finished in like some hours. I want more Netflix.

+ Makeup
I've being trying to do some makeup. I don't watch any tutorial I just try some tricks or some ideas I have, I don't have anything expensive like those big pallets or a lot of brushes for different things I just use what I have and some imagination.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, short hair, and hair image

That's it. Thank you for reading.