So, this is the part two of my "How to win self-love?.

If you doen't have reading the part one, this is the link and check it out -->

Like you already know, self-love isn't inate, we learn it, with time, step by step. It's complicated but it's necessary if you want to be happy.

So, this is tree more advises from me -->

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~ Have Goals and make them happens

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Fix you a goals. The studies you want, the carreer you want, anything you want. Take your life in your hand and don't let anybody making choices for you or decide that you are not capable because you are capable, capable of amazing things. There will always be someone for destabilizies you and telling you that you can't, but don't listen to them. You are the only one who can motive you and making your life amazing. It's YOUR choices.

~ Stop making explications and apologies for who you are and what you want

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If you feel like you have to always explain to others why you are who you are and what you want what you want, I stop you right now. You don't have to make explications to anyone. If you don't want kids, so you don't want kids. If you want a carreer, so you want a carreer. If you want to be actress or lawer or fire-fighter, so be it. If you are gay, feminist, transgenre and more, so love yourself without making explications and apologies. It's YOUR life.

~ Believe in you

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We all have dreams and sometimes, they scared us. Myself i'm afraid about my dreams. But it's normal. Being scared of our dreams is normal because it proves that we firm believe in it. And sometimes we want to give up but we must not. You have to believe that you can do amazing things and follow your dreams.

This is the part two to my "How to win self-love?"
Hope you ahe apreciate this article.

Diana Tomaas.