She already knew before the journey ends, her life will

That what she has done, is wrong

Only if, she had someone she could share her pain with

Only if, her parents had asked her what’s wrong

Only if, she had a friend who could understand her tears

Only if, her teachers could teach her the meaning of life

Only if, there was someone who could see her void within

But the only one she met was the peddler down the road

She was high, way high, where air was less and so was life

Her sorrow turned into scars placed on her skin

She did not care about her feelings, she started to feel nothing

She thought she was escaping, but all she was, was drowning, into a pool of darkness

Now she tries to swim up, but all her strength is gone

She knows the report will say drug overdose

But all she wanted was an overdose of life

As she trembles for one last time, her last vision is that of the ambulance ceiling

Now the wheels take turn towards a place called cemetery