I read this article and it caught my attention because I always think "what would I be like a boy?"

When I was a kid I sometimes dressed in boy clothes (a spiderman shirt, jeans, sneakers and cap) and went out on the street with my mom saying my name was John, lol. No one ever stopped me, which is great!

the basics

  • name: Marcel
  • birthday: June 4th
  • zodiac: Gemini
  • height: 5'11”


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I would wear clothes like a way to express myself. I would have flowered shirts, leather jackets, suits... I think I would be pretty "feminine" in some ways and nail painting would be one of them.


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Menthol cigarette.


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I don't think I would be so different, maybe a little more confident and a little less down.


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Science in general, photography, video games, books, drawings and keeping a journal.


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I would have gone through a lot because I got bored easily. I would have a band at some point, work a few nights as a DJ, would have worked in a bookstore until I became a barista.


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All the dreams in the world and at the same time no clue. I am an INFP so I dream a lot.

dream girlfriend/boyfriend

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Someone sweet and cute that would make me lose my breath.

instagram feed

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I don't control myself with playlists to keep it short, sorry. So I put it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1s18J2fqDQrMVjNarN5hMR

That's is all for today.
Thanks for reading!

This article got a mess but it was fun to write. Follow me for more.