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  • dogs hear us talk all day, but if they bark for more than a minute we tell them to stop.
  • you never realise how long a minute is until you exercise
  • you've probably had a dream so vivid that you think it is a memory even though it n never happened
  • your phone doesn't autocorrect when you type in caps because it thinks you're angry and doesn't want to get involved
  • you'll never be as lazy as whoever named the fireplace
  • at some point in the future, telling kids you were around before the internet will completely blow their minds
  • on april 1st you trick, then exactly 6 months later, on october 31st you treat
  • teaching is just brains telling brains how to be better brains
  • no one has ever been in an empty room
  • whenever you dig up dirt or a rock, that could be the first time it has seen the sun in millions of years
  • the word ohio is just two o's saying hi to each other

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