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I am a curly girl and I wanted to write about some of the hair products I've used over the past few years. Lately I've been thinking about making some sort of journal with all the products I use and have used on my hair. This way I can keep track of what I have used and which products I like and don't like and I thought, why not share that with others? I decided that I want to make this into a curly hair series so in this part I will discuss half of the products and in another part I will discuss the other half. I also will be making one focusing on shampoo's en conditioners and one all about oils. I'm also planning to share my curly hair routine. So all of those things won't be discussed in this one.

English isn't my first language, so forgive me if I make mistakes. I will start by telling a quick little background story about my hair, but you can skip right away to the products if you want.

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As a child I used to have really long and beautiful curly hair. And it was a lot! But when I was around 12 years old, my mom decided to relax my hair, because she always did my hair and she just couldn't handle it anymore. So for like 3 years I used to relax my hair. When I was around 15 I saw my natural hair on my roots, I had forgotten what my natural hair looked like and I was so in love with it so I decided that I wanted to grow my natural hair back. Around a year later I always used to wear my hair in a bun because my transitioning hair looked crazy. I was kinda upset that my mom once decided to relax my hair, because I always had beautiful hair and now I had to grow that all back.

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At some point I just couldn't wait anymore and I chopped all of my hair of. And that's where my natural hair journey started. I now had a little afro, which I didn't like at all so I would still put my hair up in a bun. I also didn't know how to take of my natural hair at all, because my mom always used to do it for me, so a bun was the easiest way for me to deal with it. I don't really know what my hairtype is but I'm guessing it's like 3c/4a. Now I'm 18 years old and my hair has grown a lot since then. I still wear my buns a lot because to be honest I'm to lazy to take proper care of my natural hair, but I do love my curls and I wear them out whenever I get the chance. Over these past years I've tried different products to find out which ones work the best for my hair and I'm still figuring that out now, but I do have a few ones that I really like.

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I know that a lot of curly haired people pay a lot of attention to the ingredients in products like sulfates,parabens, silicones, etc. But I don't. I feel like it doesn't make much of a difference for my hair, except for shampoo's and conditioners. But I will discuss that in another part of this hair series, so be on the look out for that. Now let's get started! I will go through each brand I've used and list all the products I've used from that brand. Then I will go into further details with each product.


  • leave-in conditioning repair cream
  • define & shine custard
  • creamy hair lotion
  • comeback curl next day curl revitalizer
  • leave-in conditioning lotion
  • styling gel with flaxseed and olive oil
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I think that the most popular Cantu product is the leave-in conditioning repair cream. I mostly only see good reviews about this one. I have used it myself too and I personally think that it's a bit overrated. I do like the product, it smells really nice and it really mosturizes my hair when it is dry. But I need to use a lot to make it work for me which means that I won't go a long way with one bottle and it sometimes makes my hair a bit greasy. I also find it difficult to rake it through my hair. It rather sits on my hair than that my hair absorbs it. Overall I think it's not a bad product, but I personally don't like to use it as much.

Next up is the define & shine custard . This is by far my favorite Cantu product. Sometimes use it together with the leave-in conditioning cream, but most of the times I just use the product on it's own. It's this slimy consistency and I rake it through my dripping wet hair in section. It gives me the most moisturized en defined curls. It does leave my hair a bit crunchy, but not too much so it doesn't really bother me that much. I use a lot of this product so I do go through it very quick.

Then we have the comback curl next day curl revitalizer. I use this product the days after my wash day when I do a wash and go. I honestly don't know what to think of this product. I just feel like it doesn't really do anything for my hair. I just kept using it just because...

Another one of my favorites is the conditioning creamy hair lotion. I started using this as replacement for the leave-in conditioner and I absolutely love it. It smells good, it makes my hair shiny and moisturized and it's easy to rake through my hair.

The leave-in conditioning lotion. It does the same for me as the conditioning creamy hair lotion, except that this one gives me flakes. That's why I don't like to use this one and stopped using it.

Lastly I will talk about the styling gel with flaxseed and olive oil. Others may say that it smells nice, but I don't really like the smell. Not that it bothers me tho. This gel says that it has no alcohol, crunch, flakes and itch. I've used a lot of gels that said that it won't flake or crunch, but eventually did the complete opposite. I'm happy to say that this isn't one of them. This gel gives me the most beautiful curls without flakes or crunch. In fact it really makes my hair soft and bouncy. I recently bought the styling gel with honey, so I'm excited to use that and I also like to try the jamaican black castor oil one. The flaxseed and olive oil gel is for moisture retention, the honey gel is for anti-shedding and the jamaican black castor oil gel is for strenghtening.

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  • leave-in conditioner
  • bouncy curls pudding
  • curl activator moistiurizing jelly
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For all of these products I will keep it short. I love the smell of all of them. It smells amazing, it has the smell of peaches. But that's about the only good thing I have to say about them. They all give me a lot of flakes, when I shake my hair it's like it's snowing. The leave-in conditioner does moisturizes my hair nicely, but that's about it. The pudding and jelly do nothing for my hair but giving it flakes. They don't give me definition, moisture, or anything good at all.

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Those are all the products I will discuss for now. Next time I will discuss products of the brand Aunt Jackie's and I will discuss all of the gels I've used in the past few years.

I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful! Have a nice day :)