TBH, picking one color outfit may be a bit tricky, you have to pick the right item or else you would end up looking like a walking lizard but if you do hit the spot, your look will be elegant and expensive.

here is how to pull off a luxury one color outfit,

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To start choose a color that suits your skin tone. To make it look rich choose a vibrant color (yellow pink etc) however if you wanna be on the safe zone choose a pastel color (pastel green or pastel blue).

Pick more than one item, for example, don't wear a dress alone, pair it with a jacket of the same color. Wear an oversized suit as a dress, A see-through maxi dress with a trouser under it. You can literally wear anything and still look bomb, remember there is no limit for creativity. However, if you are going for a wild look I would recommend that you ask a friends opinion that is 100% honest with you cuz these days ppl are fake af.
OOH and stay away from prints for this look.

Shoes :
As your cloth is your signature piece I would prefer that ur shoe remains simple, could be of the same color you picked or nude color, a transparent heel, or a plain black heel as long as it's simple and elegant.

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if your dress is above your knee
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Makeup :
NOTHING EXTREME PLEASEEE! simplicity is the key lovelies.

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You can add a bit of glamour to your makeup look but make sure that the color you chose complements your look.

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Bag :
Literally anything can work from the color of the bag to its shape and style.

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Accessories :

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Hair | Hijab :
While deciding your hairstyle you must look at your face structure and your hair texture too. Likewise, while choosing the right scarf/ headpiece/ hijab, as well as the color of your hijab should match your outfit and to be quite honest I always struggle while picking the right color. So to make it easier I usually start picking nude color hijab first. Trust me it works most of the time.

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This article is inspired by my upcoming Eid look so react to my article if you want to see my Eid outfit or if you want to spread some love!.

love y'all