All we love travelling, discovering new cultures, trying new cuisines. The reason is quite clear - new things diverse our lives, give some new feelings and, for sure - new tastes. So, this time, I want to talk about differences in taste around the world.

There is no doubt, countries vary in their flavour preferences. Thing is that people become accustomed to particular flavours and spices from their culture. So, the taste of a certain cuisine depends on:

- local products;
- the tradition of cooking (frying, boiling);
- the use of seasonings, sauces, butter/olive oil, spices, herbs.

Now, it's quite clear, why the hugest food producers separate factories in different areas of the world, which source their ingredients from different suppliers. Analysing local food preferences helps them to make the taste more attractive for people in certain regions.

As a result, your origin plays an important role and travelling to certain countries can leave you a great pleasure of foreign food or on the opposite, caused a total disgust.

Some interesting facts about the flavour of certain countries:

- Italians prefer more balanced food: not so bitter and less spicy. Also, their food is colourful and fresh.
- Germans prefer the intense smell of the food. That's why they prefer frying.
- Thai cuisine is popular by the combination of so many herbs and spices in each dish. The most popular tastes here are: sour lime, savoury fish sauce, hot chilli, salt and sweetness.

Wish you all delicious journeys, pleasant discoveries and a huge inspiration!