"We don't have a Planet B."
"Before we send people to other planets, shouldn't we take care of our planet now?"

I've recently went to the beach and decided to pick up some trash. One sand pail filled up and the next and the next... I realized truly how much garbage is in our oceans, and not to mention on land as well. In fact, scientists are predicting a mass extinction in the year 2050 if we do not change our habits. Today, I've compiled a list of simple ways you can help save our planet. One person can take one step and change the world.


Of course, we all know it's good to recycle. Over 22,000,000 pounds of recyclables make it into landfills a year. That is only what's recycled. Imagine the other recyclables that don't make it and are thrown into oceans. Plastic is almost unavoidable, but recycling will help make less plastic to pollute both oceans and land. You can even reuse some plastic and make a diy!

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Reusable bags and basically anything that is not a single-use object is great for the environment. When shopping, use reusable bags so you do not have to take the plastic ones home to be later thrown into the ocean. Using water bottles, cups, and cutlery that are reusable or metal will help cut down plastic. Try a metal or silicone straw!

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🌿stop deforestation.

So many animals are dying because their homes are being destroyed. Forests are losing trees. Animals then lose their refuge, and they can eventually die. We cut down so many more trees than we need to. Try an e-book rather than a paperback. It may only be saving a small amount of trees, but it is something. Try to use dishes that are not paper and disposable if possible. Trees give us the air we breathe. If you think about it, we are all slowly killing ourselves.

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🌿try eco-friendlier alternatives.

Basically anything we use is plastic nowadays. For example, most people use plastic toothbrushes and hairbrushes and combs. Go for an electric toothbrush (they clean your teeth so much better than the manual ones!), a metal brush/comb or some material that isn't plastic or bamboo (as that comes from trees). Like I mentioned earlier, silicone straws are great and especially in restaurants. They give so many plastic straws to be thrown out. Metal cutlery or some material other than the plastic is also beneficial and reusable! For the coffee drinkers, use mugs rather than disposable cups at cafes.

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I think this is pretty obvious. I know that not everyone can live without meat or animal products, but if you are able, try to cut meat and/or animal products out of your diet. It is actually scientifically proven that the longevity of your life is longer without meat. This helps the environment so we can still see wildlife and not make all edible animals go extinct.

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(the only difference is your attitude)
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🌿cut down on water usage.

We use use so much water. When you shower, try to take the minimum time you need to conserve water. Avoiding baths will also help to conserve water. If we keep using and dirtying the water at the rate we do, eventually there won't be clean water to drink. It also helps the animals live better if they have clean water.

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🌿do not fish or hunt.

Again, it's pretty obvious. But did you know that we are starting to have less fish because we eat so much? The same is with deer and anything else that is hunted and killed for food. You can always go fishing, but please release the fish so we can still have fun but save the environment.

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🌿bikes or foot>cars.

Traveling by cars, buses, and planes put out so much carbon dioxide into the air. That's why we are experiencing global warming. It's getting trapped in our atmosphere. If you can, walk more to places or ride your bike for some good exercise and reduction of carbon dioxide. If you must travel by car, try to carpool if you are able. I also would try not to boat as much as it still puts harmful chemicals into the water.

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🌿plant more.

As you previously read, plants are nature's natural air givers and cleaners. We are killing too many. Try to plant some trees to help restore them. Plant fruit-bearing trees if you would like. Even planting flowers will help as many insects get their food from flowers. They're also so pretty to look at!

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🌿clean up.

When you see any kind of trash, whether it be in the grass, on the sidewalk, on the ocean shore, or anywhere you see it, pick it up! Wind will carry trash even further. If you live near any kind of body of water, it is extremely necessary to clean up the trash so it doesn't blow into the water and kill the animals there. It's just as important in land. Birds can get their wings stuck, small animals can choke on something or suffocate themselves, or eat it and hurt themselves (same for marine life).

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🌿do not smoke/vape.

Smoking puts so much junk in the air. And vaping still does the same! Maybe one is a little better for you, but do yourself and the world a favor. Stop putting those harmful chemicals in yourself and the air. It's a win-win. No chemicals for you or the air.

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You'd be surprised how many cigarette butts are littered too, especially at the beach.

That's all I have for today. Leave some reactions if you want a part 2! Once again, my DMs are not working, so I can't respond to anyone. Please spread this as we are really running out of time to save our planet...