We are leaving. We are leaving just like you left us melting, burning, separated, and hungry.
We are leaving with all of the storms that you have started within us; but we are not leaving yet.
We are not leaving until every iceberg holds still, unafraid that you will let it fall once again.
We are not leaving because we are not like you.
We will not leave the next generation like you left us.
Unsure of tomorrow, will the Earth melt below us or burn with us?
Will every cigarette you smoked cause the Earth to cough in our face and send loud and monstrous storms into our homes?
Will Earth feed its nectar with toxic rain just like you fed it toxic hate?
We are leaving now... leaving with all the fire that burns our lungs, just like it burns the Earths lungs as well.
With tsunamis of tears and earthquakes of nervousness of what is to come.
And this planet will continue to burn with the passion of what our generation leaves here.