1) Storm

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  • I love her sooo much, she's extremely powerful and beautiful. An omega level mutant who was also Queen of Wakanda. Let's also not forget her brief romance with Wolverine. The only storm I know is from the 90's cartoon, X men evolution, and when Halle Berry played her, I don't know anything else. In the future, I hope we get to see a more accurate portrayal of her. In conclusion, we have to stan

2). Wolverine

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  • So Wolverine is basically the king of the MCU lets be real. He's honestly just that powerful. He's such an iconic character with a great backstory. When it was time to fight and he was there you knew people were about to die lol. Hugh Jackman has done an amazing job as the character, and if he doesn't wanna be wolverine anymore I won't be mad.

3) Mystique

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  • Ok so Mysique was that girl. She had so many people pressed. I love her character. I really don't see her as a villain. I would love to see more of her in future movies, I also loved Rebecca Romjin's portrayal of her. Overall she's just an amazing character.

4) Gambit

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  • Gambit is literally one of the most underrated characters in the mcu. He's extremely hot and very powerful. I also love his relationship with Rogue. I really want to see more of him in the MCU.

5) Emma Frost

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  • Ok so Emma Frost is such a queen. I love her character so much. Very powerful and she was a great addition to the team. She had jean grey pressed honey, I really don't understand how jean was mad at her for messing with Scott when she was literally cheating on him the whole time with Wolverine. Other than that you have to stan.

6) Nightcrawler

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  • I really like Nightcrawler's character. When I was younger and just started getting into x men, I found his character to be super unique. I hope to see more of his character in upcoming movies.

7) Rogue

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Rogue is by far one of the best female characters in the mcu. To me she has so much depth as a character. I also really love her powers and I like that even though she struggled with them in the begining she has also managed to control them. Also her relationship with Gambit is a plus.

8) Magneto

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There is so much to say about his character. For one I don't think that he's a villain I feel like he just wants the best for mutants. He's also one of the most powerful characters and he has a certain aura about him which I like.

9) Scarlet Witch

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  • I absolutely love her character. She's very strong and powerful. Honestly, if I could choose a power it would definitely be hers. A few critiques for her would be 1. I wish in the mcu we as viewers got to see her do more with her powers. 2. I don't really like her relationship with Vision it just seems weird and rushed to me. I also don't think she should have a show with Vision I honestly think it would be better for her to have her own show because we don't know much about her. But other than that she's one of my faves.


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Jubilee is a very cool and unique character. I was first introduced to her in the X men 90's cartoon. I used to watch it so much when I was a kid. I hope to see more of her character.

11) Blade

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Blade is one of the coolest characters in marvel. A black vampire hunter in the MCU, I can't wait to see his movie and I'm so glad they got an amazing actor to play him.

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