Summer has begun,
And Smiles have sprung
across the faces of the young.

Daydreaming is a myth,
that could no longer be fathomed
As everyone is too entangled,
in their own brambles.

A summer fling,
a summer thing
So incredibly quick to begin.

It was tracing the back of my mind
while I struggled to find
The time to let it thrive.

The busy fluttering life of a butterfly leaves me unattainable,
Like the insect itself, I can’t keep up with myself and nor can others.

There’s beauty in it as well as pressure.
An indifference between me and my lover.

But we’re still trapped in our cocoons,
not allowing each other, near one another

And that’s all it was a summer fling,
No sirens ring
But we keep in the swing, of things

As if nothing happened,
Summer was still young
And my summertime sadness had begun.