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1. what are 4 upcoming seasons you're most excited for?

cartoon and rick and morty image mr robot image disenchantment image netflix and la casa de papel image
Rick and Morty( season 4) , Mr Robot (season 4), Disenchantment (season 2), Money Heist (part 4)

2. a show you're sad about being canceled?

futurama, aesthetic, and cartoon image

3. who are 4 of your all time favorite characters?

sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and 221b image gif, whiterose, and mr. robot image rick and morty and rick sanchez image Temporarily removed
Sherlock Holmes, Elliot Alderson, Rick Sanchez, Lisa Simpson

4. favorite actor and actress?

andrew scott and fleabag image
Andrew Scott (I don't have a fav actress)

5. top 4 favorite shows of all time?

simpsons, bart, and bart simpson image alternative, archive, and bbc image rick and morty image aziraphale, crowley, and david tennant image
The Simpsons, Sherlock, Rick and Morty, Good Omens

6. who is your tv dad?

homer and simpson image
Homer Simpson

7. what are your favorite inspirational tv shows?
I don't have

8. all time favorite ships?

sherlock, john watson, and Martin Freeman image aziraphale, crowley, and david tennant image tbbt, the big bang theory, and shamy image netflix, money heist, and la casa de papel image
Johnlock , Ineffable Husbands, Shamy, Palermo and Berlin

9. what character reminds you most of yourself?

annoyed, funny, and gif image music, simpsons, and lisa image
Summer Smith and Lisa Simpson

10. what are new shows you've discovered that you love?

aziraphale, good omens, and michael sheen image
The most recent was Good Omens

11. what are some weird shows that you love?

rick and morty, cartoon, and meme image
Rick and Morty

12. if you could marry one character, who would it be?

la casa de papel and il professore image
The Professor

13. favorite underrated shows?

abuse, beat, and children image

14. what are your "guilty pleasure" tv shows?

666, black, and dark image
It used to be American Horror Story but I don't like it anymore

15. what tv show are you currently binging?