London, United Kingdom

London Fall 2017!

As time passes by, I can only remember about the time I was living my best life. I traveled to London to visit my childhood friends. We were studying in different countries being from California, USA.

I went to London after my FIRST SOLO TRIP to Amsterdam.

I arrived to London and was full excitement to see my friends in the city they called home, Camden Bloomsburry. My good friend and I were ready for a day full of adventure. As we got on the Underground (metro) I was like 'this is it', London... We walked out the Westminster station and there it was, the Big Ben. It was under construction so that kinda sucked but I was still able to see it. We walked and were able to cross the Westminster Bridge and saw the London Eye. We walked a bit and enjoyed the scenery before we headed to the Buckingham Palace, and lucky me the Queen was there because the flag was on her window which indicates her presence. we then headed to the Platform 9 3/4 & Huntsman shop. As we walked, we enjoyed the city life, came across an art piece, chalk on the ground that had all countries. We continued the walk and arrived to the Huntsman suit shop, from the Kingsman. Of course I had to take pictures of these moments. I felt awesome because I was able to see the Platform and lived my dream of going to Hogwarts in Pancras Square. That night, we decided to go out and have some fun.

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Next morning, we had English Breakfast at the local park. Let me tell you, English Breakfast, yum. It consisted of beans, sausage, fries, egg ham and tomato, with toast and a white mocha hot drink for the cold. It was heaven, delicious! Right there and then we were discussing that 2 days were not enough, so I then spontaneously got another airplane ticket and came back Novemebr 23rd because why not? When will I ever get to do this again, let me tell you... not any time soon. Lol. We then headed to the tower bridge, and it was a cool road trip because I sat on the bus with the second roof top. The towers bridge was so cold, it was breezy and I was frozen. but nonetheless, it was fun to have been there with my closest friends. We ended the day by going to Camden Market, and were able to try a variety of things and see awesome artifacts. I got a freshly squeezed, delicious, natural orange juice by the courtesy of my beloved friend B. We then tried this famous spaghetti, that had lost of cheese and boy was it good. London was awesome and it being with my friends was beyond awesome.

Stay posted as I will update my second journey of me coming back to London in this same post!


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Me to you:

Buy the airplane ticket, because you don't know when you'll have the chance to do it ever again. Do it.