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Well-defined faces, with detonating male features. Piercing eyes in brown and amber colors. The most common trigger is thin and arched eyebrows. Long nose. Thin lips and straight jaw. Outstanding tall stature. The torso is commonly long and toned. Long legs have athletic and robust appearance.


strawberry, photography, and vintage image like image red, light, and neon image Temporarily removed bike, colors, and flower image natural hair and curly hair image dress, fashion, and floral dress image Image removed
The more natural and sensual venusian beauty. Square and softly round faces. Big eyes, with brown and green hues. Wide nose. Full lips Short/medium height. The length of the limbs is usually short. Curvy, mainly on hips and back. The appearance is warm and magnetic, mixing between the elegant and natural.


Image removed fashion, style, and aesthetic image blue, edit, and inspiration image Image by SUPREME SINNER fish image Mature image neon, colorful, and colors image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image
Youth faces with childlike features. Large and wide front. Large, almond-shaped eyes, usually with powerful blue. Long and curved nose. Slim lips with wide smiles. The skin is quite thin and the complexion may seem too pale. Elongated neck Tall stature and slender body. The appearance is always jovial and energetic.


purple, lavender, and lilac image glasses and pale image girl, beauty, and icon image Temporarily removed pink, flowers, and Letter image Image by Alisson purple, shoes, and fashion image Image by Lucian
Baby-faced beauty. Faces with round shapes (moon face-shaped). Watery eyes in warm tones. Round and thick eyebrows. Wide and small nose. The lips are fleshy and prominent. The height is generally low. Soft and sparkling complexion; short legs. Small hands and feet.


snake, gold, and animal image beauty and girl image god, sun, and yellow image eyes, gold, and aesthetic image gold, aesthetic, and cards image Temporarily removed miley cyrus and Queen image tom ford, gold, and glitter image
Faces with feline features. Wavy hair is a fairly common feature. Cat eyes in honey and bluish colors. Curved eyebrows. Defined and prominent nose. Slightly wide lips. Average height. The neck and body proportions are usually short and firm. Natural glow. Freckles and moles on face and torso. Its appearance can vary between sophisticated aura or, seem more wild and sensual.


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Dolly faces with harmonic essence. Big colored eyes. Thick eyelashes. The eyebrows are slightly curved and thin. Small and sculpted nose. The lips are small with heart shapes. Short/medium height. The body tends to have short and curved proportions at the hips. Wide thighs. The appearance is jovial and quite feminine.


pearls, shell, and pink image pink, lingerie, and bra image fashion, girl, and indie image aesthetic, pink, and soft image Image by Marcela Arroyo aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image Temporarily removed makeup, pink, and rose image
Classic beauty with symmetrical faces. The forehead and facial structure is oval. Big almond eyes. Defined and curved eyebrows. Straight and small nose. Slightly filled small heart-shaped lips. The round and steep chin is one of the most notorious features. Medium height and body endowed with smooth balanced curves. Dimples on cheeks and lower back. There may be small marks on the skin such as moles and freckles.


makeup, beauty, and geisha image girl, wine, and aesthetic image animal, black, and theme image Temporarily removed black image sparkle and transparent image cat, black cat, and art image blanca padilla, beauty, and fashion image
Endowed with a dark magnetic beauty. Square or oval face. Rigid jaw. Big eyes in dark and penetrating shades. The eyebrows are distinctively arched. Pointed nose. Small and thin lips. The body is slender and of great height. Bones outstanding. Pluto embellishes with a sensual and mysterious appearance, mostly with superb dress.


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Exotic and pleasant faces. Square shape face. Almond eyes in brown and amber colors. Thick and straight eyebrows. The nose is generally big and long. The lower lip is wider than the upper. Long neck. Athletic body. It is common to see her skin adorned with many moles and freckles. The curves are prominent, especially the butt. Their height is medium and they offer a bohemian appearance.


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Small and perfectly defined features. Oval face or square structure on the chin. The eyes are long and small, denoting their small arched eyebrows. The nose is small and straight. Small well formed lips. Average height, thin/bony skin and usually slender. Its appearance is commonly elegant and superb. The veins are generally notorious.


Temporarily removed thylane blondeau image fashion, model, and bella hadid image aesthetic, art, and theme image mermaid, sad, and sea image Temporarily removed Image removed abstract, art, and background image
Diamond face shape and slightly rounded smooth contours. The eyebrows are notoriously curved. Almond-shaped eyes that look distant and sleepy. The color of the iris is usually in light tones and commonly, they may suffer from heterochromia. Dotted nose, full lips. Their faces are luminous and ethereal, they can have certain feline features like their sister sign (leo). Small breasts, with a gently curved and toned body. The legs are beautifully long.


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The features are totally smooth. The eyes are big and dreamy, with blue and magnetic dyes. The nose is small and wide, round and thick eyebrows. The lips are usually large, fish-shaped and pink. Round face shape Its appearance is similar to the shape of a mermaid. Curvy, warm skin and rather short proportions. Beautiful small feet.