Ah, PMS: It comes once a month, it’s rather inconvenient and sometimes pretty painful. By now, you might have learned to “deal”. But what if we told you that you don’t have to? Put pesky period symptoms in their place with the help of six dream products that have been carefully designed to fight the stress, discomfort and moodiness typically associated with your cycle. Promise, these low-key miracle workers will leave you feeling calm, collected and most importantly, comfortable.

Hemp-Infused Period Patch

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Shop: Hemp-Infused Period Patch by The Good Patch by LA Mend, $12

Infused with hemp extract, black cohosh and cooling menthol, this powerful patch works overtime to relieve minor aches, pains and cramping. The packaging is pretty cute, too.

Daily Supplements

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Shop: Moody Bird Supplements by HUM, $25

A vegan daily supplement containing Dong Quai and Chaste Berry, two magical ingredients proven to reduce symptoms of PMS. (For best results, take daily.)

Sugarfina Candy

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Shop: Sugarfina Ice Cream Cones Small Candy Cube, $7.50

When you feel like inhaling 50 ice-cream cones in one sitting, this small candy cube from Sugarfina should do the trick. It’s all about balance, right?

Heating Pad

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Shop: 12” x 24” XL Heating Pad with Auto Off by FIGERM, $20.99

Trust us, investing in an electric heat pad is a serious game changer. Think, immediate relief from cramps and lower-back pain. Just make sure it’s machine washable and comes with an auto-off feature for safety.

Essential Oil

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Shop: Blume Cloud 9 PMS Oil, $18

* Loves an essential oil * This one contains jojoba, sage, peppermint and bergamot to soothe aches and balance hormones. Apply it to your wrist, chest or abdomen and take a deep breath.

Botanical-Infused Bath Salts

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Shop: French Girl Methe / Romarin Sea Soak, $22

When all else fails, opt for a warm bath. We love these calming botanical-infused bath salts from French Girl, which look so pretty on display in your powder room.