[ Sorry if my English is bad, im not good it at all, i`m Norwegian, I apologize on the advance of this post ]

Hi, I am a girl of 18 years. I am lonely, I mean really lonely. I feel I have to get it properly out, because my "friends" do not take me seriously enough, I'm so lonely, empty and tired. I've been sitting in my room for 365 days, except when I go to school and work. I have no one I can talk With everyday and share my fellings and Secrets with, I'm not talking with anyone. I feel simply that everyone pushes me away, do not like me and do not want to have anything to do with me. The thought that I do not have any memories to look back on, makes me incredibly hurt. I've tried to explain to those I felt were good friends of mine, I explained them how I really felt , but no one takes me seriously. I told the two nearest friends of mine at school, about how I felt it. But they always says " Go out With friends" .. Even when I told them that Im sitting in my room 24/7, they wont even ask me to hang out With them. It`s ike they dont even think about to ask me to hang out. If I have plans with anyone, I would have always included them. But they do not include me, they can`t even include me if they are with someone else. I`m deeply hurt that i do not have memories With friend, just Family. My summer 2019 has been very lonley and a hard time for me, when the People around me are making memories without me.